Strange Love Story!

(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

Somebody wrote in one long paragraph from Bangalore, Karnataka, India the following love consulting request:

Hii..I'm from India and I'm 19 years old now.I have a crush on my far relative who stay's close to my house and he is also my brother's close friend.I had feelings for him from the age of 14 but I didn't realize it at that age but from one year I understood I really love him.A year ago we went for a marriage where we all cousins happened to click some photos,in two of the group photos I notice that this guy was staring at me,at that point of time my other cousin told me that he told to some of our cousin that he likes me (The matter which told me I don't know how far its true) not only the marriage scene I've caught him staring at me 3 to 4 times.I had strong feelings for him by then,so I wanted to check his nature as an outsider so I texted and called up from my friend's phone where he caught me,then my friend told him that I had feelings for him so I did it that time he said NO but he still responded to messages on facebook (For Messages like Am Sorry,please don't say this crap to my brother and stuff) after this I've seen after 3 weeks he was staring at me like a hell(I was shocked).Recently she came to meet my brother(Cousin,who stays in the same building) I just went there to see him he also understood that but still was there for two hours.!! Now I want to what are his intentions and what is running in his mind and what do I do now.But I really love him!

* This is not love at any point, as you are too young for love. Love is not just a feeling, but it is a serious matter that comes with responsibilities and ethical matters between two grown up people (matures) to build a life together.

You have not written your request properly following the guidelines on the main love consulting services to provide the required full information. We stated that we cannot provide any consulting to requests written in a hurry, so we responded to you fill the missing information in.

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Clara wrote from Bangalore Karnataka, India in one paragraph about her love problem the following letter:

i am having this huge crush on a guy, don't know how i fell for him,i meet him all saturdays in tutions, this is my first crush .we hardly know each other .my friend said he is really a sweet guy and u should go out with him.though he is really ugly ,i found something really sweet in him when i talked to him for the first time.he has albinism,so when a guy asked him "dude u black?" he just smiled saying "i really dont know my color man" i was sitting next to him and i felt really bad that was the first day of a small i am crushing on him really hard and and at any cost i wanna ask him out.but i really dont know whether he would accept it! cuz we hardly know each other.please help me in this situation!

* You also haven't followed the instructions to write good love consulting request, as explained at the Online Love Consulting. We responded to you the time you submitted this request to write it again and provide the missing information.

Milankumar wrote from Pune, Maharashtra, India about his love problem in the following long paragraph:

I have relationship with my lover from last 10 months, we was serious about each other and taken a decision for marriage, but suddenly she was changed her decision due to forced arranged marriage proposal. and leave me alone suddenly with told me the reason of this forced marriage, she told me that she could not do anything or could not tell to her parents about our relation. its was hurted lot.. Because she was promise me for love marriage at any cost. after some days by chance or fortunately the marriage could not been completed by the family decision. i love lot her. so i was more requested for telling with me. So she had taken this chance and start to talk with me. I have also accepted her with out any angry behaviour. Now we talk with each other properly, but i wanted to take a test of love. so i was angry on her with last half month, not for all time, with a lovely nature mix. means little bit rude nature, but i was always apologize for angry behaviour. But today after only 25 days she got limit of her, and told me that she can not love to me, she told me you loves me so much, but i can not bear more. so please give me peace. i loves so much her, but she can not handle me and our love at any condition,

so i want to know the love has only the happy moments?? no space for the bad or struggle moments??
no doubt she understand of my some problems, but the dedication for each other, i think its must be stable in at any condition, is it???

* There is a problem with your request, as you can see (yourself) from the way you wrote it neglecting the guidelines on the main love consulting pages at Love Consulting Requests, Online Love Consulting Services and Submit Good Request. So, we responded to you to write it again following the guidelines.

* You are at Strange Love Story.

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