Love Problems After Marriage!

(Delhi, India)

Somebody wrote very briefly from Delhi, India about love problem after marriage the following paragraph:

We are a couple who have married each other with our own incentives. Its just been a month and just after the honeymoon, we are staying with my mother for less than a week. I feel that my wife is a little low. And she is sharing it with her elder sister. She is very happy with my mother and my mother is also happy with her. I asked her as to why she is sad. She says that she doesnt have anything to talk and so thats why she keeps quiet. I am sad that why is she sad. More than that, she is sharing things with her elder sister and i saw her crying also. I need to know what is her problem and what should i do. I love her a lot. And she also loves me a lot. Please guide. Request to keep name and email address to be anonymous. Thank you.

* We responded and requested more information to look into this problem better. You have not followed the instructions to write good Love Consulting Requests and provide the fFull Information, as required and explained at those pages and at the Online Love Consulting, Online Love Consulting Services and Submit Good Request.

Nevertheless, you should get her to talk to you about what bothers her and makes her sad. Get her to your favorite places and prepare to speak to her wisely and patiently about that you are happy because she's the light of your life and you should both be very honest with each other and share everything matters to make your life happier.

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Jeanne wrote from Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia in a brief paragraph saying that she loves another guy, although she is a married woman:

Hi, my name is Jeanne. I am a wife, married for 4,5 years until now. But these 2 years, we always fight. My heart was hurt, and I cannot forgive what he said to me. Everything bad of him, I cannot accept. Last year, I met someone in internet. Starting with talking about a general issue, and ending with personal issue. He is much younger than me. But he is a good person. I don't know why, but he is totally understand me. Many things of him makes me love him so much. I realize that I rely on him so much. I feel bad to my husband. And also I don't know what to do with this guy. I feel really bad. Lately if the other guy is busy, my mood become so bad. What should I do?

* You should have submitted good request following the guidelines on the main pages linked above and at Love Consulting Services to provide good information and that is to say more details about such love problem, so we could look at it in a better way to address it with you.

We responded to you asking some questions to understand the problem and provide the required love problem solution. The problem is that it not clear what causes the problem in the last two years? There should be a cause either produced by you, or him. Every problem on earth has causes and we don't know yours, as you have not provided some details about what happens in your life.

Look into the problem (that you haven't helped us to know) and try to understand the nature of the problems. Speak with him calmly about what has changed. Try to understand from him what are those problems and how they appeared in your life.

Of course, all of that was what you needed before stepping into a new relation to escape the first one. Believe me, or not, if you were not capable of managing your problems with your husband (the first marriage), you will not be able to live happy in the (second marriage).

Unless you do this first, you have not any chance in the other.

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Kedar wrote briefly about his love problem from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India the following request:

hi, im 20 yrs old n my gf is 22.
we are in love since last 6 months.
and we are of inter-caste..
the thing is what, my gf's parent are arranging marriage for her..
and she doesn't want to marry now, n she needs me.
but she is afraid of tell about our love to her parents and im too..
im worried of losing her, and i dont want to lose her,
how can i get her back forever????????

* You can't write like this and expect somebody to take you seriously. This is the first impression. You should follow the guidelines on the main pages provided above to write good and submit good request.

* Are you from Mumbai, India?

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Someone wrote from Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA the following letter about his problem:

Hello there my name is (name removed as he didn't write it in the proper field in the form). I am 18 years old and a seinor at (name of school removed, as it is identifiable) I would like to talk to you about my love story. Well I have been screwed over by a lot of women for the wrong reasons. My longest relashonship was 2 months and she broke my heart with no remorse. It makes me feel like shit because I was the good boyfriend and i get my heart broken it just makes no sense to me anymore. I always hear girls saying they want a "good guy" and I'm just sitting here getting screwed over like usual. Like I'm a good guy ive never cheated, always stayed honest, never an asshole I just always treated them right. I wouldn't say that I'm bad looking or anything just decent I guess. But I just need some help with this or some advice for me so I don't get my heart broken again. My email address is (email removed, for security) you can even text me on this number (phone number removed)

* Help others see that you are a good guy, as you believe of yourself. Watch you language. Don't even use those bad words, even kids use nowadays and make sure to use wise words and emotional sometimes when you get there to hang with checks.

Be the smartest, not only the smart. Know exactly what a girl want from her partner and approach her gently with that manner of a gentleman, you know.

We responded to you to follow the guidelines to write more details, however… and yes, despite this short response, as we think that there no serious problem involved. You only prepare yourself to be loved by acting normal, but also intelligent with the gentle sex.

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