Attracted to a Married Guy!

by Rhea
(Delhi, India)

Rehea wrote a brief paragraph from New Delhi, India about her love problem. She said in the following letter that she has been attracted to a married man:

I have been madly attracted to dis married guy who lives in my apartment area…i see him everyday coming and going to his office and the more badly i am falling for him.i know hez married and has 2 kids but i cant help falling in love with him.i know dat thers is no future but i cant help falling for him..hes extremely good looking and smart.what to do pls help.things have reached to such a ceazy extent where i noe when he puts out his towel after shower as his house is visible from his balcony..when he leaves for his office and when he comes back as his parking bay is also visible from my balcony..i see him eceryday and go mad thinking about him.what to do pls help

* You wrote your request badly and have not paid attention to the instructions on Love Consulting Services to write good request. So, we responded asking you to write it properly and provide more information.

However, it looks like that you have bad habits watching people. This is very bad in your society. Don't destroy the live of a family. Get back to yourself and see it from morality. What would you do if you were his life and found out that another girl spying with that attention to get here husband?

Grow up, girl.

Abhishek wrote in one long paragraph from Mumbai, India about his love problem the following letter:

hey my name is Abhishek , i have a very close friend name XYZ ( cant tell sorry ) i like her very much & i have proposed her , but she likes someone else . i have supported her in every situation . and she knows that i will be always available to her in any problem . 1 day before , she just told me that she want to ran away from home . i just shocked , she told me that her family always torcher her and blames her all time . that's why she want to leave the home . she wants my support and help in that .. i know that it is not a small thing to run away from home . it has many problems even police case ,,, but she did not listen to me . she just want to leave her home .. what should i do . ??? if i helped her then i will also have to face some problems .. please please tell me what to do .. i m in a great trouble ,,

* You wrote your request very badly (check your letters) and haven't followed the guidelines to write good love consulting requests. At the same time, we responded to you to write properly and provide more information as required and explained at Full Information, Online Love Consulting Services and Submit Good Request.

Punam wrote about her love problem in Yanamalakuduru, Andhra Pradesh, India the following long letter:

I am a lady of 26 yrs and in a relation with a guy of 25 yrs old for last three years we are in love, everything is fine between us he loves me a lot but the problem with him is he is a depressed guy, he very easily gets depressed by negative thoughts, whenever there is any problem with both of us i use to be the only one to say sorry and convince him. He never make a start don't call me or text me. I am surprised that how can he stay
so calm when there is a problem and we both are not talking to each other, he seems to be sad of course but never make the first move to call me up and say that forgive me for what happened whether he made a mistake or I it is me who starts calling him again. After the patch up once i asked him "how come you are so cool its 1 week that we are not talking to each other"
Then he said: "You can only see me calm but can never guess my pain i cant express my feelings"

This time it crossed the limits i saw him being closed (call list, messaging up to midnight, sharing gifts) with other girl which is a friend of both I asked him what is the matter but he is avoiding the topic instead of clearing my doubt he stopped calling me and picking my call saying that he is hurt that i am doubting him.

Sometimes i feel that i am over reacting as i am an above average girl while our friend is very lean and looks like a kid, there is no reason to doubt him as we are very happy in our personal relation. Then again cant justify the call list i have seen. Continuous sms list from her mobile to his number till midnight 12, i have the itemized bill as she is working in the same company and i am the concern person for mobile bill payments. He drops the girl home sometime and meet outside the office it makes me doubt him more. I tried to tell him how i fell but he is taking it lightly. I dont want to loose him.

I am helpless don't know what to do, its too tough to live without him, i feel like dying.

Is there any way which let me know his intention?

I am totally confused pls help me with your suggestion to know him better or get him back.

* We sent you to rewrite your request following the guidelines on the linked pages above.

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