I Still Love My Ex Girlfriend!

by Vijit
(Delhi, India)

Vijit wrote from Delhi, India about his love problem the following request:

Hi, i am Vijit Chawla , i was in relationship with a girl for the last 4 years, but in our last year i was not able to give her valuable time as i was going through ups and downs in my life, my job, my mother was operated for hernia, she asked for a breakup , i didnt say anything as she told me she needs time, after a week i called her to say sorry for everything she told me to that she said yes to some other guy who proposed her just to make me jealous, i told her i want to meet her but she said no, still i went to her place and meet her and she agreed with me and cried a lot,next morning everything was good but again in evening i dunno what happened, she started crying and blocked my calls, my messages my whtsapp everytning, i text her many times, mailed her , everything i did to talk to her but she is not even replying, i dunno what to do.. she is ignoring everything related yo me, even our common friends text her but she is not replying to their messages, i havr a strong feeling if i will meet her everything will be alright.. but she is ignoring me..please suggest something,its more than a month we are seperated but i am not able to forget her., my mail id is (email removed).

* How old she is? Is she also an employee? It is very important to read the main Love Consulting Services on this page and at the Online Love Consulting and the Online Love Consulting Services to write your request properly, provide Full Information and then Submit Good Request.

This is required, as explained on the linked pages and the response I sent to you at the time you submitted this request. You make your request very clear and then get the answer you want quickly when you write your request in short sentences and in short paragraphs to go through your message easily.

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Ieni wrote from Prapen, Jawa Timur, Indonesia in few lines about a problem she has, saying that she doesn't know whether he loves her, or not. Here is her request:

I love someone, He was my classmate, but he already has a girlfriend, it makes me ada, but sometimes, every time we look into our eyes, I have some feeling that his gaze is different from usual, it says that he has some feeling to me. I don't know what that is, is that because of my confidence, or what. I don't know what should I do, and what I have to feel. Thanks

* I wrote to you to provide good details about this problem, so you could get the answer you are looking for. It is very important to follow the main pages and pay attention to the instructions required to submit good request that catches our attention.

However, there is no confidence in a gaze. Simply said, as that. You do nothing. You just wait and if he really loves you he will come forward. You should also make sure that he doesn't want only to play. Such plays in love are very dangerous.

Why not focus on schooling at this age?

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Priyanka wrote from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India in one brief paragraph about her love problem the following request:

Hi, I love a boy and we were in relation for 5 years but when it came to marriage his family denied and eventually married to other girl. Its been a year now that we have separated. He cut-off all means of contact but send me mail on birthday. I really love him and can not live with out him. Please tell me what can I do. I want to get him back.

* We cannot provide any consulting based on briefly written requests. It is very strange that so many people who submitted Love Consulting Requests ignore the guidelines posted on the main consulting pages linked above.

At this age, everyone says that she, or he cannot live without having the other. It is normal. But, it is not true, as life experiences prove that. I, for example and many people I know said this once. It is not true. It is allusion.

Rakhi wrote from Shivaji Nagar, Maharashtra, India in one paragraph the following love problem:

Hi, i am a girl aged 24. I am in relationship with my boy boyfriend from 3 years (from final year in engineering). From this year only we both are in same city working in different city from hometown.Prior to that he was working in delhi and I used to teach in my home town only. We both love each other badly but starting from this year only I noticed his behaviour changed. As we are in same city then also he rarely asked me himself to meet me.I only asked him to meet him.Then also he gave several excuses.We had so much fight now a days. I gets frustated and two times hurts him with my nails.He becomes very angry.I whenever used to talk with him ,he replies that I had made him like that as I used to call him so much,and want to meet him everytime and I didnt understand him. But from then too I rarely call him more than twice and meets him once in four days .But then also his behavior was same.He, whenever we are together alone, doesnt even talk with me,doesnt love me, doesnt show respect now at all. But he was very caring and loving prior.He is a very good man .And I love him so much .I also know that he loves me too but I want him to be like earlier when he loves me madly.My family also know about our relationship.I dont want to loose him. Please help me out.

* There some confusing lines in your request. In addition, you haven't followed the instructions to write good request we posted at the main pages linked above. It is important to organize yourself and write in short sentences and in short paragraphs about the problem, as if you are telling a story starting from the beginning and following step by step all that happens until the end.

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