Sentimental Problems!

by Susie

Susie wrote from Malaysia the following four paragraphs about a problem she made, which make her boyfriend and his mom suffer from it:

Dear Sir and Mdm,

Good day, for you all .... am not sure you guy would gonna seen this message or not but I have no one can talk to...

i have a good bf his is the wonderful person i ever seen... but because of me i put him into trouble and a big mess... and i cant even fix this up to help him out ......because he trusted me i use the money he keep at my place to make a investments until lately he need those money to pay his mom medical fees...

when i contact the investment agent to withdraw then is happens came up ..... the agent is not picking up my phone and refuse my call and ignoring my message ......and the end my bf he need to sell all his belonging to get the money and he cant afford to pay his schools fees even house rent........ and still his mum medical fees is pending the with the outstanding fees.....

I dunno what I should do about this situation .... I understanding what it did be wrong and I wish to fix this up... but I put much effort is still 't.. I destroyed my man in my hand... I feel so bad feels my self is an evil and I dunno who I ever can talk with this ...... i dunno how to do next .....

* We actually saw it and we are so concerned. But, there is a problem with your request, as it is badly written with all these dots and some more information missing. We also said that, we shall not respond to any request you write just as you want and neglect the guidelines to write your request properly.

The guidelines are clear on the main Love Consulting Services at the page you used the form to submit this request and at on Full Information, Online Love Consulting, Online Love Consulting Services and Submit Good Request.

You should follow that to get positive and quick response to your request.

Sentimental Problems, Brittany Murphy and Ashton Kutcher Complicating Love While They Just Married

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Maria wrote from Iran the following brief paragraph about love she is anticipating with her professor, which is not:

I really donno how to start. it sounds strange. I feel I have been in love with a professor of mine. i had no feelings for him at first, but as time passed, i felt different. maybe I am wrong this is not love, but I keep seeing him in my dreams, and whenever i see him, i become happy. actually, he can change my mood. it is driving me crazy. i cannot control my feelings, but i wanna control them, cuz this relationship cant be. i am desecrate. when he comes to class, i get stressed, i even cant do normal. i wanna handle it. plz help me.

* Again, following the insights on the mentioned pages above to write
a proper request is better to get the answer fast. We cannot provide any consulting, unless your write properly and provide good information, as required through all of the important pages on the service.

Sentimental Problems, Brittany Murphy and the Other Guy in Just Married

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Mayank wrote a short paragraph from India about his love problem:

I love a girl who is working in my institute from last 6 months with complete dedication and with her interest. We had partial physical interaction and kiss many times.But now she is shouting, fighting, ignoring me.Suddenly she says not to discuss any sex talks and be just a friend with me and also that she has a boyfriend from childhood who is not neither on facebook nor on any social networking site.also she has stopped meeting me and has started making fool of me.because of all these situations my image and job is endangered and she is not at all interested to meet in same society.she didn't meet me on valentine day.when I was ill she never turned up for me.
Still she says that she misses me and do calls me and messages me.
I am in a fear that the Delhi friend id a flaw and she is having any other relation in the institute.
Kindly help me to understand what really is going on ?
I cant understand the situation and her feeilngs, mind
please give me a clear picture of situation whether she is interested or she is diverted to any other guy?

* You also wrote your request badly and have not provided more information to rely on. How could we know she has other relations? What did you mean by the "Delhi friend id a flaw and she is having…?

Organize yourself and write good information following the insights on the main love pages above. Write short sentences in short paragraphs, as you see on the paragraphs here.

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* You are at Sentimental Problems.

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