Stuck in Love!

by Cherushi
(Texas, USA)

Cherushi wrote from Gilmer, Texas, USA the following letter about her love from saying that she is stuck in love:

This is my story: There is this guy i use to hang out with in 4th grade we were really close friends. I know the things that happened back then dont matter but i really got the impression that he liked me (even though we were kids). Well we slowly grew apart and stopped hanging out together, I think thats when i started to like him. It was around the middle of 5th grade when i realized i felt weird whenever i was around him, I just assumed it was love.

We are now in the 11th grade and are just starting to talk like normal again. He had about 2 girlfriends once in 9th grade and the other he just broke up with about a month ago. While i, have never dated (although there have been a few chances). He is smart, hansome, popular, and kind. Even though he gives me attention some times (i want to believe he feels something for me too) I am left to assume that he is only being friendly and kind, like he is.

Most of the time whenever i'm with my friend i get the feeling he likes her. Evertime im around her he always talks to her (more than he talks to me). He does pay some attention to me (just recently he started to pay more attention to me). About a week ago he came out of nowhere and tapped me on the left shoulder while i was talking to my friends(i have ruled outmany possibilitys of what he could have ment by that but still have not come to a conclusion). He often says hi to me in the hallway on the way to class and holds the door open for me (most likely because he is a gentleman and i carry lots of books around)

Just the other day he texted me out of nowhere. we had never even talked much let alone text each other. Evertime i think of him or he talks to me i exadurate everything. I try to act cool around him, even though i am flustered and my heart is pounding faster than usual. I think about him all the time and cry at night when i think that he will never feel the same as i do.

So finaly, i would like to ask a few questions:
Is there any indication that he may or may not like me?
I want to confess to him but i am very shy, what should i do?
How do i show him i like him, whitout saying it?
Should i text him, or would i seem annoying?
How do i get closer to him (as friends)?
Would it be wise to ask him if he remebers how we use to hang out alot?

Please help me and give me lots of advise! Thank you.

* How old are you both?

From your letter, it seems the you are too young for such experience. In this age, pupils should pay attention to their education. You should have submitted good request with more information about your ages, as stated on the main Love Consulting Services.

The language you wrote and the mistakes indicate that English is not your native language! Is it?

Good and full information is always good to see your cultural backgrounds, so your request appears more clear to know exactly how to respond to it. The guidelines are also at Online Love Consulting and Online Love Consulting Services.

We responded to you at the time to read Love Consulting Requests, Love Problem and Love Problem Solution, so you could see how to write your request again and provide the information required.

* Are you from Gilmer, Texas, USA?

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Anonymous wrote from Bucharest, Romania in one long paragraph the following letter about egoism and other stuff in love:

My english is not that good so you might have some problems to read this. I met this guy in November, last year in a club. Usually, after my last relationship, I went into clubs just to pick up. But with him was different. I was bodered by another boy and I looked around me and said:"I'll find the cutest boy here and ask him to help me, pretend that he's my friend, dance with me. etc" (I mention that I was alone in the club) So I found him and asked. After 2 sec I figuered that he was french and then we spoke in english and he accepted to dance. Finally the other one left and I said :"Thank you so much, now I'll go downstaires to have a drink". Then he asked my phone number, I gave it and I was gone.
Next day I send him a message just to make fun and he replied and asked me to have a coffee with him. I said yes. We talked hours and then,a friend of mine texted me to go into the club. He accepted to go with me and there, into that club he kissed me.I left with him, went to his place and he expected to have sex..I just felt asleep :)) and the 2nd and 3rd and I think 4th time :D Oups!!
We started to meet every week, sometimes just accidentally and always ended by being together.
Then I started to date other bois...we had a misunderstanding and stoped talking.
I don't know why I felt that he is the right guy for me( I forgot to tell you that this month he's leaving from my country for ever, because he is an Erasmus).Then we get back together, after a long talk about stupid things, not about us, and we said let's see what will be and I think we both tought that it won't last because we are so impulsive and I am a crazy girl and he's the oposite.
We end up by living together now and in 3 weeks he's leaving and I am affraid that he will forget me..and now occurs the problem: he thinks that he's to young to have a realationship and he wants to know girls but he can't dissapoint me,he wants me. But in his opinion the perfect relationship is like an orgy:"If I like a girl and I want to have sex with her it should happen and then I want to come back to you because I know that you won;t reject me"
So dear friends, that is the shortest way to say all about my stupid messed-up life. How can you help me?
Good day.

* As we missed the required full information about your ages and cultural backgrounds, we resounded to you to follow the guidelines on the main consulting pages to write good request with full information included to look at it sooner and understand what you were talking about and see the cultural backgrounds and the ages to understand the problem better.

Love is not like that, as you mentioned some behaviors that indicate insufficiency for real love to exist. Computability is missing in a way, or another and what this guy thinks of such emotional relations is very silly, indeed.

* You are at Stuck in Love.

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