Too Young for Love!

by Rahul

Rahul wrote from India in one brief paragraph about some love problems the following letter:

Actually we are in along distance relationship from 3 years. my gf loves me so much nd me too. I do everything to make her happy but she is so busy that i think she ignores me....she ignores sentimental chat nd thought it was emotional blackmail....nd said let discuss something else....i make all my efforts to meet her but she does not barely lie her parents to meet me....i felt very bad...but its just normal for her....she focuses her mind only in studies.

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Somebody wrote about her love problem in one brief paragraph the following letter, saying that she realized love too late:

I finally realize I've been in love with this guy who I though was a good friend and soul mate even, we think similarly, even say the same things, the same moment!But now he's gone far. and it's been years, and I finally realize I miss having him in my life, but he's not there any more :(

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Someone wrote from Hyderabad, India the following short paragraph about his love problem, saying that he can't live, if he proposed and rejected:

Hi, this is Gagan from Hyderabad.I am something different that i not used to talk girls till i complete my Graduation while i am preparing for bank exams in a coaching center i came across a girl named priyanka. she is every thing like me . i loved her a lot we both used to talk and eat and also walk for her 3 km she also knows that i am walking just for her she mentioned several times that i will do arrange marriage.and used to say we dont have any other thoughts . can i propose or not to marry me if shhe didn't accept and if she avoide me that i cannot live

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Annisa wrote from Indonesia the following letter about her love, saying that she can't move forward:

I'm 16 years old girl who having a crush with bestfriend for 5 years . We met in cram school and I really hate him that time because he kindda girlish and he rival with me .

After several months we started to knew that our older sister are friends and we started to talk often . I started to know that he really care to everyone and friendly . He didn't see anybody with their looks and he always take care of me .

I didn't realize my feelings for him and thought that it was nice to have him around me and comfortable with him . until we accidently got on same junior high school and we close as before . One of My friend teased us ( essp. Me ) that i like him .

I didn't take that joke seriously , but one one day she shouted that in front of many students and he was there . I became flustered and yelled at her and also shouted " I didn't like him " .

But then i asked myself and i knew that i like him . I cannot saw him on his eyes anymore and became awkward . We became really awkward for 1 years or longer . I could feel that he already knew my feelings for him because he took a distance to me .

I didn't like that situation and thought that i should find another crush . I didn't want to ruin relationship with my feelings or confession and afraid to make sure each other's feelings .

But i can't and still like him .And when i accidently read his timeline i knew that he liked his classmate (call her A ). I think i'm going insane .

I became a friend ( call her G ) and close to his best friend because had same extraculicullar . We became close because G chatted with me that she like one of our alumnus and i told her that i like her best friend .

And then i heard news that he ( my crush ) like G . I confused again and asked her . She said its impossible and she asked my crush already about his feelings about me .

Although i hate with her decision , but i want an answer . But he said nothing and stayed silents . If he said No to my feelings , I'm sure i can move on .

I really want to forget him and take another high school ( i knew a school he really want to go there ) . But i didn't know that in the end he took another school and it was same as me . And his crush ( A ) also took a same school as me .

We met again and i saw that he tried to more friendly with me just as before ( we were awkward until junior high school's graduation ) and unluckily we are classmates .

I'm confused , should i try harder to keep my feelings until he look at me ? or should i move on because i can feel that he still like A

its that okay if i confess to him ? How should i do to make sure my feelings but not ruin our relationship ?

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