He Avoids Me!

by Amritha
(Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India)

Amritha wrote from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India in one long paragraph about her love problem saying that he avoids her. Here is what she wrote:

Sir/madam, i am in a 2 years relationship. There is a 7 years difference between us. I always talks a friendly talk to my boy friends in facebook.My character is if they talks to me very nicely,i will also talk to them like that.. My lover don't like it.Because i daily use fb for 1 or 2 hours. If i talk to my friends to fb, its only a friendly talk.. Nothing than much. He always warns me. One or two times he warned me . But i repeated it. What to say? I am a alone child. I don't have many friends. I just only talks to them to spend time. LAst week i again repeated those thing. One boy "anonymus" always flirts with me. He was my classmate during my school days.But he tells me that he loves me. My lover don't like it.Not only he, anyone don't like it. My lover have my facebook password.He logined to my account and saw that i talked to "anonymus".He became very sentimental.. Noe he tells me that no need to contact him anymore. and try to go away from him.. and he tells he won't forgive me. Next day i made a fake account from facebook and talked to him.But i was not able to cheat him. He already knew that i am talking to him through the fake account. He called and asked me who is the person.I told him that i don't know the person. But i again called him and said i am that fake holder.. He told me that i am cheap… :( :( :(

Sir/Madam, i need him morethan anything else. I know i am the one who made mistake :( :( .. I regret for it.. I love him very madly n compleately.. I always cries alot.. What will i do??????
Pleas give me a way

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What a waste of time? 2 hours daily on FaceBook chatting with boys? Grow up, child. Use your time on things that develop your knowledge, character and make a good future for you. The right love will come at the right time.

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Rose wrote from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA in one long paragraph requesting love problem solution. She wrote the following:

i am rose frm india.nw i am studyg in russia.when i came to russia i met mig who is in same batch of ,mine.i love him soo deeply.i loved his character.i used to look at him and sit in class .most probably he use to see me looking at him like eye contact.i used to chat with him in facebook.aftr 6 months i told him dat i love him.and called him to coffeshop.he didnt give me any reply.after dat i never used to look at him.aftr 2 months his frnd told me dat he had a girlfrnd in nepal. but he brokeup with her before coming here .he loved her wn she was 7th std and she too loved him back bt wn mig proposed her she rejected due to family problems.after hearg abt dis story i talked to mig again.bt he was avoidg me without giving any reply to my mesg.i nvr used to talk to him directly.i used only to mesg him.nw d problem is dat during class tme he used to look at me secretly without anyone knowing and wn i look at him he just get disturbed and he wont look at me.my frnd told dat sometimes he might be loving me soo deeply in his mind.bt he is not showing up.i love him soo deeply.bt wnevr i tel him .he says love is one of d most worst thing in d world.wherever i jst go he wil search me secretly without letg anyone knw.he wil be searching til his eyes get a glare at me.if i am nt lookg at him he looks at me and stand there quietly without letting any1 knw abt dat.nw i am confused whether he loves me or not.if he loves me dn y he is not tellg to me directly.if he doesnt love me y is he always starring at me secretly.i dnt knw wot is going in his mind.aftr dis one of his best frnd proposed me and i rejected to dat.wn i askd mig wot should i reply to his frnds proposel he said to tel yes to evry1 who proposes me.for him everything is jst like a joke.he doesnt knw how much pain he is givg to me by sayng dis cruel words.pls help me to find wot is going in his mind .pls help me to find whethr he loves me or not

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