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My name is (name kept private) of (link not available - author) I was wondering if you could spend a few minutes reading this short email. I was recently reviewing sites in some of the major search engines and I came across your web site:

Out of all the sites I came across yours really stood out for me and if you could please spare me just two minutes I have a business proposition for you as you are in the same market as I am. After reviewing your site I found that we are both targeting the exact same market (make money at home niche), though we are not in competition with each other.

I have been studying this target market for quite some time and would like to present you with the opportunity to increase your income for five minutes work. You will be provided with the marketing materials, all you need do is send out an email to your ezine list or add a graphic to your web site, and you can make money.

You can do this by signing up to the affiliate program found here: (referral link to The website converts at 5% and by promoting this product you can earn a commission without ever having to handle customer service or ship any products.

It's a fantastic way to make money pretty much out of thin air! You will get 65% commission on every $197 package that is sold. That's $128.05 for each package. I'll send you your commissions on the fifteenth and thirtieth of every month. On top of this, I will also offer any product you have as a promotion on my back end follow up messages.

I will be promoting on a large scale and this will benefit you on both commissions and exposure. By working together, we have the potential to create an additional revenue source for both of us -- without investing any money or even any time.

Because we share the same target market, your customers are guaranteed to be interested in the product. An affiliate arrangement is a surefire way to make that interest work to our mutual benefit. To sign up to this affiliate program visit: (referral link to

Finally, I can provide you with an attachment of the information business so that you can review it for yourself. I want to prove to you that this is a genuine work at home opportunity. I know you're a busy person and I'd like to thank you for reading this message whether you choose to promote and make some extra cash or not. Keep up the good work!

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