Yearbook Help!

by Rachel

I am in yearbook class in my school. We have to do a mock yearbook for the end of the year project and my theme is "The Game of School".

We have to do pages called "student lives" where we ask students a question that relates to the theme. It has to have multiple answers and cannot be trivia.

For example, if I was doing a music theme, I could ask "What song describes you?" I am having a difficult time thinking of one.

If anyone has any ideas could you please comment them? Thanks :)


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Please, read the following and then answer the question, "What song describes you?" Why just that song? It is good, if you continued your thoughts, after reading the following lines to come up with great ideas for your song, or music, or movies yearbook (The ideas are just unlimited to follow your intuition to come up with a theme):

* Many people do not know what a yearbook is… If, you knew about it, what about having new good ideas to write a yearbook, just for anything! Prepare yourself to invent yourself and invest on it to write an interesting yearbook all of your own.

Yearbook is a documentary book published every year to include information about that topic in the previous year. It contains memorials, or just historical events, family events, school events, sport events, cinematic events, theatrical events, other arts events, industrial events about a specific industry, or any other topics.

Year book could also be published, as normal textbook, or picture book, or composed of both text and pictures. You could even publish it using occasional pomes alone, or adding pictures to the pomes.

If you have chosen an Ezine Acts Music genre for your yearbook to identify relevant themes of music that tend to be of social traditional values, or shared musical traditions, or musical trends, then you may consider pictures too to document those topics in images.

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Even if you were student, you could do that making it a good business for the future, so you could find something invaluable to rely on, when you graduate, such as this student do at the 100 Beautiful Sites in the World and other students do.

In the media, newspapers, radio stations and TV channels have also annual publications, or broadcasts covering different events in the past year. Some of the broadcasts could be yearbooks to document the events.

In newspapers, they archive some yearbooks in the research centers of the newspapers, beside the newspapers published with events of each year.

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