How to Develop Your Career...

or, Find A New Career?

What is your career?

Did you know that you could take the same offline job and improve your skills doing the same offline job online?

Did you know that you could eventually, while taking your offline job online improve your economical situations more better than you could believe?

The articles on the inspirational and motivational site map 7 answer these questions and help you discover your hidden power of knowledge and experiences to make your life more better, without even having to execute any hard efforts.

All it takes to take your career online is more inspiration and brain and motivation (BAM). The BAM is accessible through the career manuals in the collective articles on the 5 sections of the site map 7. This is a leading page to this motivational site map.

The other relevant site maps are at the site map 7A Inspirations and Motivations, the site map 7B Ezine Acts Motivational Articles, the site map 7C Ezine Acts Motivational Sites, the site map 7D Ezine Acts Inspirational Articles and the site map 7E Ezine Acts Inspirational Sites.

When you read the sequences of the career articles, you will be exposed to yourself. Well, you'll find your instinct in whatever you are doing offline, or thinking to do to improve your life.

Then, this instinct would take you with the information and the insights you get to move on online.

Let's take only one example of offline career you could develop online to make your life more better.

Believe me, or not, you'll get in the future to contact me to thank me for this information.

Is Photography Your Career?

Are you a photographer?

This business is prospering more and better online… maybe even than your offline business. Why, because it has many electronic sources to provide all sort of equipments, imaging and artworks than it has offline.

That means, with online photography business, you could take as many monetizing resources into your photography business than you could do offline. Even if your are a freelance doing freelance photography, you should think of taking this career online, as explained at the Ezine Acts Freelance Photography.

See the Ezine Acts Art Links, site map 11 for more perfect artworks online, the Digital and Video Products site map 17 and the Ezine Acts Offline Businesses site map (21 A) with its extension into the site map (21 B) Online Free Consulting.

Arts Building Strategies

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Affiliate Signup

How to Define Your Career?

  • Have difficulties to define your career?
  • Have difficulties to choose between different careers?

Don't panik.

Discovering your skills, or improving your skills, or knowing what to do with those skills is not so that difficult. All you'll need to do is to focus, so you could know the hidden weapon of your career.

You know your qualifications. You know your passion. You know your job (whether you are an employee, or a student). You know your hobbies. You know your experiences. And you know also how to enjoy your leisure time.

The first step to know the hidden weapon of your skills, though, is to rethink again of your skills!

If you don't have one, or if you didn't already know your career , or if you just couldn't figure out which skill to take, go out for a trek, or a swim. Enjoy the nature, or the moment. Talk to yourself about what you have been doing all these days until this moment.

Speak to yourself about your job (whether you are a student, or an employee). Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why you are doing that job?
  • What have you achieved from that job?
  • Is it quite enough for you? If not...
  • How to make it better to improve your life?

When you get home, remember your self talk. Bring on your notebook and write everything you have thought about. Organize it item by item in short paragraphs, short sentences and make bullets.

You'll find out that you have written more than you could believe you would be capable to do out of that inspirational talk.

Now, with this insight said, read the motivational site maps one by one. Read every article in these site maps. Write every idea that comes to your mind on that notebook.

At the same time, think of the qualities you have from your job.

  • What did you know about that job?
  • How many people interested in that job, but don't have it?
  • Could you help them, just in any way?
  • Could you provide the insights you got through your job experiences to others?

Get at the same time to your other passion, or hobbies, or anything else you are doing in your leisure time. Ask the same questions about each of these topics. Try to discover the specifications of your job, your hobbies, or your experiences.

You'll get not only the insights, but the values of your job, your hobbies, or your experiences.

You'll think of demands, supplies and values.

You'll think of qualities and methods to execute each one online.

But, you don't have to execute each one. You only need to get the best of them to execute it online.

How to determine which is the best?

Use the Choose It tool.

Register the business math you have come through on that notebook. That would help you when you get to the business planning part of your project.

Read all that you have written once again. Then, browse the passion driving tool to get the idea of how to use the outcome of your readings and the research at Choose It to take, or build your career online following the CTPM process. That is it.

The Career Articles Index!

Self Ideal - Is your self ideal that essential?

Yes, it is that ability and performance you strive to make real and original. So, how to work it out through burning and gaining mental energies?

Well, Brian Tracy says, "The first part of the self-concept is the self-ideal. Your self-ideal largely determines the direction in which you are going with your life. It guides the growth and evolution of your character and personality.

Your self-ideal is a combination of all of the qualities and attributes of other people that you most admire. Your self-ideal is a description of the person you would very much like to be if you could embody the qualities that you most aspire to."

What do you think?

Was he right?

Either answer the questions to yourself explaining why you thought so, or read to develop your best self ideal.

Self Improvement - How do you acquire a "Self Improvement" look and feel to jump your failures, find your love before sex, raise good children and build prosperous future while developing your business and their business?

The career articles here deal with matters inside your family home, while raising your kids. The page highlights useful psychological treatment to destroy the psychological barriers between parents and children and help them build self improvement system to enhance the abilities of positive conducts and positive achievements.

Self Talk (link above)- When you practice self talk carrying that conversation with yourself, you also break your ego.

This is the first step to make balance and be down to the earth, without having to humiliate yourself. The career articles here extend to cover Talk to Yourself on the link above and the description below.

Success Stories - You may need those success stories to enlighten you on your way to succeed in your passion, niche, profession or anything else in between. Do always read success stories, as I do.

I really get tempted every time I read the career articles here and discover new ideas to write more in depth inspirational articles, or to enhance my daily performance. From this point, I am content that the articles have strong potential to do some good things for you too.

Sweepstakes - These are also the best sweepstakes in the career articles! They are not just as other sweepstakes on the web.

The difference is that they provide solid grounds when you win them to improve your life and continue on something you will absolutely enjoy doing for many years to come. They build solid bases for businesses online, to those winners.

Talk to Yourself (link above)- If you heard somebody advising you to talk to yourself, you may think that such a kind of madness.

However, new psychological studies prove that talking to yourself makes you feel better. That is obviously because you release the hidden stress inside yourself and free it to expire on the atmosphere.

You breathe that stress out by doing this self chatting. Doing it as explained in the career articles here will make you relax and breathe all your psychological pressures out.

This is a mental effort of thinking loud. It reflects good solutions, ideas, or just breaks the iceberg, when you breathe out your stress and consolidate your abilities.

Things Interest You - Things Interest You takes you into the focus to focus on these things that interest you! You might have too many things that interest you.

You have already used the Choose It tool to choose the best of them. Right.

This is the second step, through which you build what you have chosen online. That's your photography career. Remember?

It is not only for that mentioned skill. You can use the same tool and the same process with any other profession, or simple hobby, or experience you have.

But, have ever thought of taking the best of your interests to develop your life through building a web presence and doing the best of your interests online to improve your life?

The skills articles here are supported by success stories (link above) to connect you with other successful people and model their success.

The page also helps you evaluate those important things that make the core of your interests, craft, occupation and profession and see your interests here through the eyes of the others.

Your Personal Success - Your personal success here replies or better said spreads from personal success at the link above.

Learn how to achieve your personal success along the way from the career articles on this site map. Define your goals, prioritize them, get yourself more knowledge and be a good student to be a good teacher too!

Oh, my goodness, I am burned out at this line at the close of the inspirational article about your own occupation, trade, craft, employment and pursuit.

I should have a French coffee ice-cream... but well, you can make me feel better after this hard effort I made to publish the article by only expressing your appreciation.

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Read, and the relevant articles in the Ezine Acts Articles Section, site map 9B to get the clue of your employment, pursuit and trade and know how to use the interests of other professionals in your line to enhance your online business.

You can read more articles about your craft, occupation and trade here through the links at the right column and below. See also the movies professionals at IWATCHBESTV.COM.

In addition to career, you may also be interested in the Ezine Act Articles Index (site map 9 C), which includes Ezine Articles (site map 9 D), Submit Articles (site map 9 E) and Submit Ezine Articles (site map 9 F):

The following inspirational insights include:

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See the rest of the career articles at the bottom of the page.

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