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An Open Message to the Danish Authorities:

"I'm not sick," the colonel said. "The problem is that in October I feel as if I had animals in my gut." – No One Writes to the Colonel, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Well, I am saying too, "I'm not sick," and not pausing at all I am adding, "The problem is that in Summer I feel as if I had animals in my gut."

These new regulations are without a soul! Stop them! This is the first call in the political news. Stop them because they create hatred, but not well planned integration.

There are mistakes deep in the system but… they don't hear; totally deaf!

In a message I have received from Amnesty International, the human rights organization says the Danish government is not up to its international obligations regarding political refugees.

This is a FULL STOP! ... STOP IT!

The second FULL STOP is this ---> see humanitarian here.

The UN Obligations

"I am still struggling! I don't know when I'll say it's enough for me, as I am struggling since more than 30 years." One of the political refugees in Denmark told me! He was a professional journalist and chancellor.

I felt sympathy with him. He has not any nationality, as the dictators in his country has denied him this nationality. He has not legitimate papers as other Danish, though.

Political News: Journalist Khalid in an interview with him in MJA.

The Political News Story!

The point is that he couldn't be treated as a Danish. There is no logic in it at all, since he is neither Danish, nor a person of his own nationality. He considers himself an international person.

The other point is that the DF, which is a sort of egoistic party and other parties in the liberalism atmosphere in the country as a whole want him to live like that.

Not only him, but all political refugees who came to Denmark through the UN in January-February 2001. The procedures to grant Danish passes have stopped when the liberals came to power in 2001 and dramatically shifted the tolerance policy because they don't have any sense of the art of prime ministering.

They revert and changed the laws to not give any grant to Danish status since that date, although those refugees came during the social democrat's term.

The political refugee thought to get back to Geneva after 5 years, but from Denmark this time to prove that his situation has not been improved since the day Geneva saved him from a turmoil in Africa. He told the political news desk.

If he happened to live these years in any neighboring country to Denmark, such as Sweden, Norway, Holland, or even Germany he could possibly have the nationality in these 5 years without any condition. So, the question is, is Denmark better than those countries? Or is it just egoism?

He saved, "I'll not stop fighting dogmatism!"

"Are some countries where refugees acquire resettlement are more humane than the others?" Another political refugee asked me!

He referred to cases in Sweden and Holland, where refugees acquire passes in five years and without any conditions.

I have sympathy with him and felt also, I'll not stop fighting dogmatism wherever it exists.

Well, we have got strong debate going today here in the lights of the 1951 Convention and the 1967 Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees.

The debate is about the obligations of some signatory states under these two conventional rules to pave the way for intellectual refugees to carry on their professions and establish their own network on the ground.

"Unfortunately," A political refugee said to (Refugees Desk/Political News) at (Refugees' Alert Network), "there are some figures in the political decision making circles, who are not pleased to see any intellectual refugee, working hard to build a future out of long term careers for his or her family."

OK, do they consider those political refugees humans or not?

"They offer nationalities easily for some girls from southeast Asia. Why?"

One refugees asked me. Well, I am not sure about this. Does it happen? If you knew use the Contact Us form to tell us.

Political News will continue to open the curtain for these human comical shows.

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