Political Refugees' Problems May Escalate with Hardliners!

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Some UN convention refugees are still living in bad situations in Denmark, regardless to the Refugees International Conventions and Protocols Denmark had signed.

These bad situations escalated since the second victory of the liberal party of Denmark "Venstre partite" to pursue a second term of governing, following the "American's example of Bush administration".


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"Bush Administration supported this party by funding its budget during the second term elections, plus giving it the share of the Iraqi oil." Some Iraqi refugees suggested.

It has been probably after the 9/11 human disaster that some sources predicted that the refugees situations will get worse especially to those political refugees who have Arabic and Islamic names.

The debates, which are running now in respectable media sources like dr.dk, are involving this issue. Some hardliners in the Danish Parliament express their wishes not to bring home any political refugee with Islamic or Arabic backgrounds.

"The bad intentions and refugees' humiliation in one small municipality called "Aulum Kommune" for example are running in an influence with one of those hardliners against the political refugees in the Danish Parliament (folketinget).

That member of Parliament said, "All refugees should work in the cleaning sector regardless to their careers," Said one of the refugees and added, "I would like to work on this sector if there's really a job there not a long practices period, but I've doubt that other professionals and intellectuals would".

What Happens to Political Refugees in Denmark?

This attitude reflects no respect to professionalism and intellectuality. It is against the integration law too, because it imposes the following question:

How they decided to integrate those political refugees with this negative intention. Forget about who should integrate into whom!

The integration means to proceed with everybody in harmony with his education, abilities and profession, with accessible respect to his cultural backgrounds.

This is of course not a problem for those political refugees who have no high education and qualifications as I have explained in the example above. However, it is not for those who have good education and work experiences in other sectors.

One of many foreign moms who are working on this sector said: "I am doing a practice period on this sector since four years without having a chance to get fast job, although I've applied to many firms!"

Another said "I found some few who said: - well we have this job for you, but you should take off your scarf (tørklæde)."

Those people I met here are two aware that they do not have and they do not mean any discrimination in their jobs prescriptions. They are desperately feeling they are ZEROS not humans.

It is simply said that, a doctor cannot be a carpenter, a journalist cannot be a mechanic, a teacher cannot be etc ...

The social worker pressed some political refugees to search for other solutions since they say "no" to this humiliation, by stopping their welfare. Therefore, they found themselves without living expenses. They searched for other routes to get money.

Few of them applied for the Student Grants, which are 50% less than their welfare. They are living in miserable situations in regards to their monthly billing and they have been over debt.

They found themselves in debts due to insufficient money. Psychologically, this will help distress, depression and other psychopath's kinds of problems.

Some political refugees told me that they would have been crazy, to expect what has happened to them in the end, since the day they fled from their countries, escaping the dictators there.

However, especially here in Denmark after the coming of the new liberal "Venstre" government the "integration seems to be an inflation".

"They want to represent Bush policy here in Denmark. I think the interests of the new American Administration and especially their fund, has helped them to win the last elections," said one of the professional, political refugees in Holstebro, one of the towns in the central west of Jylland in Denmark.

It has been predictable that since Bush won for the second time the "Venstre" party will win too.

"The Danish people should not be blind of what their new government is doing. This is because the picture of the Danish people is very beautiful especially in the Arabic and the African World,".

Another professional political refugee in Silkeborg, one of the beautiful tourist cities in the middle of Jylland, and continued, "The results of the liberal government's policies against those political refugees will reflect negatively upon those beautiful Danish people."

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Another professional refugee negotiated that "These policies through which the "Venstre" are modifying the fundamental laws will bring a storm of troubles in the future if we look to the foreigners' map in Denmark."

Salah, a Sudanese medical doctor, said before his second escape from Denmark to one of his language schoolteachers, in English in a discussion day "We came from a big prison to a small one" and since that date he prepared to re-settle in another country in which he is very happy now working in his profession directly.

"Not withstanding the Danish language education, and since the second foreign language in so many areas is German, then the English will be a language from the Middle Age," commented Khalid, one of those intellectuals.

"My son has lost one year in his school because the leading teacher said he should take German language with him as it is essential to enter the high school," He explained, "Unfortunately, when he came to the high school he found himself taking one language with him he will not use there."

Students in Denmark demonstrated against such bad educational situations and sent critical messages to the Education Minister for his continuous changes in the educational system.

Some of them told him that they couldn't say bad words, but they wanted to know why he is irritating them by those frequent changes.

"Salah and other professionals' examples prove that the language education program is not sufficient and improper too. It's changed to be pure business investment more than an education!" he added.

He suggested depending on English too in high jobs prescriptions is better to avoid unemployment. That does not work here as it happened to one of those who had a university scholarship in Copenhagen a couple of years ago before he came again to Denmark as a political refugee.

I heard some people here asking why those refugees are making troubles. They have good lives here than what they had in their countries.

I heard some of those people saying, these are our rules, accept them or leave Denmark! To where should they leave? Why you hear this statement only in Denmark?

One of my contacts who escaped the dictators in Sudan to Ethiopia, before he came to Denmark said, "No, it's not. The problems I'd in my homeland were the civil dictatorship, the military dictatorship, the fundamentalists and now the combined authority of the religion military regime and the Southern rebels".

All of those people are too aware and hope that the situations will improve soon although they have doubts about any progress. They are missing the bright horizon of the future!

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