I Make Italian Ice Cream!

by Anonymous

Italian Ice Cream 1

Italian Ice Cream 1

One of my hobbies is making Italian ice cream all of natural fruits. I can make 21 different Italian ice creams and French coffee.

I do not know until this moment, how I could use that expertise to make it a small business, or find a part-time job. I of course looked here and there in my area and could not find a part-time job.

I worked in that field making Italian ice cream and using Italian set of machinery called cataprego, or caterprego, I didn't remember.

I made both soft / gelato and other ice creams, using the set of machinery in one unit. The pasteurization machine is connected with the production unit of the set.

The natural fruits including peanuts, mixed fruits, pistachio, mangos, bananas, lemon, grapes and others are liquidized and condensed in hard juice.

Each kind of fruit should be measured as gold according to the weight of the pasteurized milk to produce testy and flavorist Italian ice cream, that you enjoy its flavor before you test it.

The Italian machinery pasteurizes milk and makes the ice cream very good in quality. The machines produce hard testy ice cream not soft ice cream or Gelato. The other two have only one machine to produce that type of gelato on its biscuit.

I wonder if I could use that hobby; or well that expertise to build a website on this hobby! How would that be good online since it is difficult offline, as I couldn't find vacancy in that industry!


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