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Aug 24, 2011
It is Not Necessary to Use Social Media!

Your question proves that you cannot meet her where you live. This brings a question into my mind about who did you know her.

I do not think it is wise to call her to use the social media to connect with you if she cannot do that. If you were serious, you could look for ways to connect with her in real life.

If you found that she loves you, then getting to her through the door is better than trying to come through the window.

I know what happens in your society. However, you have not provided the complete information needed about your age, job or school, and when this relation began and where. You did not mention whether she loves you or not.

We always request complete information to help us look into love problems better. Please read the guidelines at the Online Love Consulting and the Online Love Consulting Services to submit complete request.

Since you knew that it is their parents? obligations to bring her up well and save, then you may need to seek meeting her to discuss that and prove that you are serious. There are many ways to do that.

Provide the information needed by replying to this post and help us see the problem better.

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