Google Friend Connect the Line of Friends and Traffic!

Google announced Google Friend Connect.

Google keeps on surprising me every time and then. Therefore, my head spins, then after a while explodes with many ideas.

That is because Google has created habitual surprising endeavours to make you active on the Web. You cannot ignore the new methods and inventories the primary search engine takes to get everybody involved in the internet fever.

Is it just craziness?

Is it just for being always the first?

No, it is not at all any of that. It is only the money that drives big companies to dominate. The money is in your connection with your friends, as a user of Google. That means, building the users communities serve Google to capitalize on your efforts and your friends' efforts.

But, it also helps you get the people you love and other friends to connect through it, get the inspirations and motivations through it to improve your business, or use it to support humanitarian issues, such as those at the Ezine Acts Humanitarian Network.

Google comes up with its new society, Google Friend Connect, and shares it with webmasters to build online communities for their websites. For example, I am able now to build a community for my website the Ezine Act called the Ezine Act's Community or the Ezine Act's Google Integrated Community.

Seemingly, Google Friend Connect is a partners in success program, like the one you see through the links at the right column, that could make many communities prosper in some convenient places online and most importantly attract free website traffic to your business website.

If you are a website owner, a webmaster or just a new person to this online profession, you may need to keep on reading this article. The following information about the benefits, the implementation and the building process of your website's community will help you get started.

How Do You Build a Google Friend Connect on Your website?

Simple! To do this, you need a Google account. Then you should start at Click on Set up a new site. It is very important to say that you will use this same button for each site you own and you want to build it a community.

When you signup/in to Google Friend Connect, enter the name of your website and the URL to that site and continue.

You will find two buttons on the next page named rpc_relay.html and canvas.html to download to your computer. When you download those files, upload them to your website. You should work on two browser windows to get to Google Friend Connect again to verify your website.

The files will be located at and You may think those files are blank.

To just view them try to convert them into WordPad documents. You will then read the HTML TAGS on them and you could even amend any broken tag. However, you need this step to know only what they contain.

When you download and upload the files, you will need to continue to test your setup and finalize this process for Google Friends Connect to verify your website and accept it if you installed the two HTML files correct.

Some people have some problems while experimenting with those two files. Read at the bottom of this article how to solve or escape such problems.

What Are the Benefits of Using Google Friend Connect?

You will power your site's community by using Google Friend Connect. When you build a website's community using Google Friend Connect that means you will engage more people deeply with each other on your website.

That means building traffic and business.

You will enrich your website at the same time by choosing social features from a catalogue of gadgets and the OpenSocial developer community.

You will attract more visitors when visitors invite friends from social networks and contact lists to visit your website and join your website's community.

Invite your friends to be part of your network, comment and share the community with their friends. If you used it correct, you could make good content from those comments. You can even discuss with your friends what they like you to cover on your website.

To look for comment, see the toolbar and click inside the window. You can use the same window to login and post comments or anything to connect with your friends.

What Will Happen, When a Person Signup into Your Website's Community Using Google Friend Connect?

Google will create a page for your website providing headed lines to identify your website to enable the new member to participate in your website's community.

Your interested visitor will read on that page as example, Ezine Act – Ezine Act uses Google Friend Connect to power our site's community.

This line will be followed by three different accounts from web services like Google, Yahoo, AIM, OpenID for the visitor to use the account s/he wants to log in to your community if s/he has account with those web services. If not, the visitor should click on a link just below those buttons to create a new Google account.

Google provides Terms, Privacy and Help, the user should read to abide by them and find help if s/he stuck at any point.

How Do You Fix Some Problems When Using Google Friend Connect?

Your server may need a title, html, body tags to accept the files. I tested the files the first time and I found them blank so I did the following:

I built two html files and added the tags required to each file to succeed in uploading them to the server. They are now in my website building tools and I can reedit them, remove them and do lot of things with them.

The problem was not there.

It was when I got back to Google to verify that the files are located into my web server. After the test Google says, we could not find the files etc...

The files are there, so there shouldn't be a problem. However, this kind of a problem could happen to anyone. Unless you are a programmer or you know HTML, you should work carefully to solve any problem like this. Request a help from some qualified webmasters you know.

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