No One Cares of Privacy Nowadays!

Many people have concerns about privacy. Others don’t. However, this issue should always be your concern and you should have good methods to deal with any infringement.

You have rights to protect yourself, specially on the Internet.

Apparently, it seems that there is no one who cares about privacy these days. People are in hurry and they do not have time to waste on following silly occurrences. But, the fact, as stated above some people do care.

It is very interesting that some people use emails in some ways and submit email addresses of their contacts to social media inviting them, without having any knowledge about how some social media treat emails.

What surprises me is emails I am receiving even from people I do not know to see for example their photos on Facebook, join them in netlog and befriend them in mashable and many other social media. However, Twitter is better and it doesn't spam.

Those services have no time either to check their mailout managers and status. They do not have time to check their membership. For example, while netlog is a social network for youth – that means young people - they have seniors in their membership base.

They never check. What is important to them is the business, not those people they use their services to keep in touch with other people they know.

I cannot understand why people do this, while they have their messengers to chat with their friends and recently they could do that on many apps in their smartphones!

Privacy seems not a problem to many folk and they do not care. However, the matter is that sooner or later you'll find yourself in danger if you never took actions to be safe.

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