Your privacy online is in danger. It is no longer protected by any law on earth despite the persistence of some laws to protect consumers, including those who use the internet for different reasons. So, you should determine yourself to protect your privacy online.

Maybe people do not know this fact! Billions of people use the internet and they may feel that they are at home and no one is following, or watching them.

In fact, many companies that provide internet accesses to customers track their use of the service. They have access to follow what they are doing and watch that even in real time, without having the user to know anything about it.

They install cookies and other software tracking systems to identify those users and provide information about them to some authorities or to some other companies to send them unsolicited messages. They could use even your cam if you enabled some chat services to have access to your microphone and camera.

Not only that, but they track also everything users do online. This may not be an issue of interest to many people, as they are not doing something wrong online, but it is severe infringement to their privacy online.

Collecting personal data should of course be limited to few aspects to provide good services, but not to go deeper to investigating and infringing personal privacy of innocent people who do not want anyone to disturb their lives.

Some measures taken through some social media services enable the users to set the level of privacy they want. But, what do you think when you participate, for instance in Facebook Chats? How do you know that your privacy has been disclosed while using the many tools the social media has to do anything?

Regular users who have not any knowledge of the internet don't know anything of it of course. Those who know a little about it don't bother. The others who know this fact are only using the services either to do communities marketing through the social media and the other boards and forums, or to just follow their interests without having to worry about their privacy.

At any rate infringing privacy could be harmful, especially when the tracking systems connect the personal information they acquired with the locations and even the last 6-7 digits of the bank cards you have. After that, it would be easier to discover the remaining numbers.

Photos could also be used to go after you, if you were not "very" interested in protecting your privacy. So, your privacy should be a matter to fight for while using any internet service. If you were a Mac user, you could use Apple through the privacy tool in the web browser Safari to allow your browser to notify every site you visit that you don't wish to be tracked.

In addition to its security, this is also one of the best methods Safari has despite what I wrote about Safari, The Worst Internet Browser in the Worldwide Web. Just to say there is something good in this browser, after having it still freezing at some points while I am using it.

All in all, you decide how to protect your privacy.

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