How to Use French Paintings to Improve Your Life?

"How to Use French Paintings to Improve Your Life" started at French Paintings (site map 11 D) by great introduction to the French paintings art. Here are the answers to the question: "How to Use French Paintings to Improve Your Life"? Note them. They work.

French Paintings at
Marc Chagall: Three Candles

The Importance of Keyword Search and Research for a Topic!

Keywords search and research, as started the approach on the link above is the basic process on building your French paintings foundation, or (whatever) foundation.

Why keywords search and research is the basic process?

You know each business stands on a base. If your business base is not solid, then your business would fall. The base here is money. If you don't have the money from your business, so why you begin a business at all?

French Paintings at
Felix Vallotton: Sunset, 1913

What is the Connection Between Keywords and Money?

During the keywords search and research you should be able to get the best keywords of such French painting, or whatever business to build one small business, or some connected narrow niches based on French paintings, or whatever.

You need to know keywords with the money on them to build the strong base for any home based business to stand and continue, or you would probably go broke. The process of searching and researching is essential and it is difficult. No brain can do this task without having a tool to do the job, get the technical parts executed and provide the data needed to build upon the French paintings niche, or whatever niche.

French Paintings at
Paul Ranson: Apple Tree with Red Fruit, c.1902

The data should include all the ingredients of keywords with seeds of keywords. From this data, you should begin searching for keywords with the money on them. Some gears in the tool should help you get the specific data of keywords with the money included with them.

Look for popular search terms with the money included on them to to focus on relevant keywords to your theme, or narrow niche. You wouldn't know whether it is narrow, or not, unless you do another search to determine which term has the best values with the money included.

At this step the mentioned tool should have a gear that facilitates this prices to study your terms and focus on one and choose it right. When you choose it right, you should have to integrate it with a term of one, or two words that make it special and outstanding at the same time, to generate something (speciality) that you could work it out perfectly to build your foundation, as explained at the CTPM Process.

French Paintings at
Edgar Degas: After The Bath

The process, which is included in the tools, build the foundation from within the main stream of it, which we call "content". The content makes the money, when you get it well built through the article writing process, while you build web pages focused on your French paintings passion, or whatever hobby you have.

At this point the process should explain in plain texts and video tutorials how to get it work with your foundation as the focus leads you to optimize that content, build automated content from it and get it ready for the monetizing process.

French Paintings at
Marc Chagall: Lovers in Moonlight

This is not all to cover the essentials of How to Use French Paintings to Improve Your Life. So, you should get focused on your topic from here on following the tutorials provided on the linked page to build your foundation & improve your life.

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