Dogmatism Pumps to Downtrodden Others!

What dogmatism actually means?

In certain circumstances, those who believe in dogmatism don't care of other people. So, this is why this term refers to the tendency of laying some measures as incontrovertibly true, without consideration of evidence or opinions of others.

The dogma itself, as part of the term is any principle, which plays as a rule laid down by any authority as incontrovertibly true. It is setup forth as a belief, maxim, precept, teaching and tenet to be obeyed, although no authority on earth could proof that she is right in every thing she does.

So, this is why I belief the term is as similar as dog-mat-ism;-)

The measures, or the tendency are incontrovertible because it is supposed that people cannot and will not be able to deny, or dispute them. So, what a dictatorship?

It is surprisingly working in modern democracies in Europe, Such as in Denmark in what I am calling cliché of democracy, because the so called democracy is not real democracy at all.

The Danish Folk Party (DF) and the Venstre Party and those at the right wing of liberalism, where liberalism is in fact a nightmare, tends to go with dogmatism foot by foot, the way they walk their dogs.

It becomes a trend not only in Denmark, but many liberal parties in Europe use it as a political formula to do what they want with the political power, forgetting even their obligations towards voters.

It tends to foster the ruling parties as the only parents the state has and therefore the citizens should be obliged to follow them, as they have been created to lead and the others are created to be led by them.

In a new political term I find this to be a mechanical majority dictatorship, despite that it happens factually in well civilized and modern states. But, what they don't know in the political power is that the people are not just a herd that anyone can lead according to such dogmatic mentalities.

The political power, is the people willingness to vote for good leaders to lead them through democracy, equality, freedom and justice. So, the people have the rights for your right say into the policy of the state and they alone are responsible of getting it into the right path, when some elites try to ignore the roles of their voters.

As voting is one of the rights people have gained in those modern societies, calling for their governments to resign is a duty when politicians practice this policy of absenteeism against them and lead them using such formula to humiliate them.

People have the rights to know. But, unfortunately, many of them couldn't see the real orientation of such policy to humiliate them despite the fact that they suffer from such policy in many ways.

In Denmark, they know that every changes happen are because of the volume of foreigners in the country. But, it is the first time in my life I see people can accept some measures although they suffer from them, because they impact foreigners, as well.

What a way to understand things?

What a way to accept such things?

The fact, though is that how could a country accept foreigners and among them UN Convention political refugees and then changes every law in the country to respond the new challenges those foreigners get Denmark into.

No clear vision and no one ever has though of such things. But, the subject matter of this page, as you see could make a fever for the liberal parties to decide with full knowledge of what they are doing to force their own citizens into such hard situation, because simply that they have foreigners who are getting more privileges in their land, while the truth is that they suffer.

They don't only do it for foreign people living in denmark for a long time and among them are the UN Convention political refugees, but they do it against Danish too.

So, this is dogmatism and it threatens the integrity of this very small society.

Dogmatism Pumps to Limit Creation!

This is what dogmatism does, in fact.

Dogmatism limits creation too, as it goes only through measures and other relevant laws to impose threats to the rights citizens have.

But, as we know the Danish people are so obedient, the leaders of such policies don't find any power to face them hard enough to stop oppressing the people mentally, by silly dogmatism.

I have got a long confrontation fighting this dogmatism in different countries since more than 30 years, because it belongs to those dictators in Africa and the Middle East. But, I never thought I could possibly meet it again here in any European country!

Those few figures think they can simply interpret the new regulations about the status of those intellectual refugees according to what they see fitting for them in the new society.

Notwithstanding their government's obligations, they decided to unable their government to fulfill its international obligations. The international obligations I meant are those relevant to the status of the UN refugees in Denmark. Dogmatism already killed one of them, as you could read through the linked pages and at political news and politics.

While a phrase or a provision in the new regulations could be translated into positive orientation, they interpret it according to what they believe fitting for those intellectual refugees.

They do that to force them work in some sectors, while those refugees don't want to start learning about other jobs to get involved in these sectors.

Most importantly, may of them prefer to carry on with their lifetime jobs and experiences.

This is a discriminatory look that has more to do with dictatorship, rather than to help developing the integration program, which is decided by the state.

This is dogmatism.

It is not practical to force somebody to throw his lifetime professional expertise and personal experiences away and start all over again a new job while he is carrying on in a workshop to start his own job center.

It is also not practical to tell a medico to work in a garage, for example. I am not saying working in a garage, or engaging in any garage sale activities is bad. I mean this is humiliation to the medicine science and to these years of expertise the doctor had.

These examples go also to teachers, journalists, advocates, engineers and PHD professionals, who came to this European country through the UN for resettlement program.

It is true that some people here can work in any job and they really want to have experiences in different fields. But this is not a rule for other people to do. This goes with personal abilities and desires.

I found it very difficult for some people to change their careers. They have the rights to do so. No one should deny them these rights. So, the question is why this is happening here?

This is dogmatism.

Those who practice it think that changing a lifetime career is as simple as changing a T-shirt, or changing a girlfriend, or a boyfriend.

Fight Dogmatism with Me!

Searching for a way to resolve the bad feeling of dogmatism? -- be capable of fighting it and/or survive with great challenges? There is no end to be optimistic all the time and fight while you are smiling to life… Contact Us.

Is dogmatism passive? Intelligentsias don't consider dogmatism as an active habit, so how it works to limit the vision of some elites and how to get rid of it?

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