The Art of Prime Ministering ... A Do, Re, Me Solfege!

In any phase and phrase The Art of Prime Ministering looks like, I am about to brand some ideas about it to explore and maintain this field of political leadership. Just let me follow my new trend and put this phrase without quotation on the "Prime Ministering".

Well, I know almost through more than thirty years of political and journalism experiences that politics is a dirty game. However, I know also that some people are addicted to play such games in politics to disturb others or to disturb the world and destroy the international peace.

I have strong desire to encourage those people to play games not wars through the Wolfenstein 3D's Project, the Squadron of Poets' Project and the Cultural Projects.

You can read some of these projects at the following links: Wolfenstein 3D Games| Computer Games| Squadron of Poets| HOAs Cultural Project|

I am very busy down to my toe preparing and writing these articles from memorial experiences and recent dialectics; just to break the art of prime ministering down to pieces, so you could understand it.

Moreover, you can start reading about this topic by date. That means the late posts to this page will always appear below those paragraphs. Posted on 17.04.2008.

Democracy in Denmark!

Democracy in Denmark under the VKO ruling elites should be called the "mechanical majority's dictatorship". It should be called by that descriptive phrase because those dominant parties in the Danish parliament decide everything.

They decide everything despite all of the opposed voices inside the parliament. They changed the integration laws to shift the integration by their changes to be "inflation or a future bomb".

The PM said those who do not like our policies should go home, meaning those political refugees Denmark has accepted before his reign per its international obligations. That is the first arena where the art of prime ministering is required.

This point mentioned by the prime minister exposes two facts. The first fact is that if those political refugees have choices to go home, they will not wait for the PM to say so. The prime minister knows this fact, or why should those political refugees live in Denmark?

The second point is that, since there are no choices for them to go home, and since the International obligations in the 1951 protocol and the 1967 convention enforce ethical treating, the prime minister may need to change the way he thinks about those international political refugees and acquire more sensibly art of prime ministering.

It is a fact that no one enforces Denmark to accept refugees and this humanitarian issue is all run by the state without any serious planning regarding some issues those refugees have.

That fact is respectable. However, I would suggest Danish missions in the future to enlighten refugees and give them full information about their future in Denmark before accepting them into this society.

If they came without clear vision, they will come to stuck! This is actually what happens since 2001 and the reason is that Denmark has not sent missions to orient refugees before accepting them.

Canada, for example sends Canadian missions to enlighten the refugees, so if they thought that it is good for them they can continue to Canada, or shift to the waiting list for another country.

Art of Prime Ministering!

Once upon a time, there was a Sudanese prime minister who thought that he was born a prime minister, although he lacks the art of prime ministering. It's absolutely his rights to think so. But it's also our rights to criticize him because he failed during his office.

His party has failed dramatically also twice in three democratic periods in Sudan and submitted the government to the Military Generals.

This is why those three democratic periods are called until this moment the "so called democracy" and the "mechanical majority dictatorship" in Sudan. I think Sudan has known and practiced nothing pertinent to democracy since its independence from the British colonization.

The last prime minister has failed and proved that his government was very weak when he denied the news about a military plot to overthrow his government, just to cover it.

We were about 5 journalists who had been waiting him late that evening to come out of his office. We told him about the plot and he denied it saying that his sister's husband will not do that. But he did it!

This incident proves the level of dogmatism at the top level of the state and the transparency of the media at the 4th level of power.

I am proud to be journalist and I am proud to fight until this moment using the power of the "4th power" by law.

This lesson seems not exceptional to Africa only. It continues also in Europe. I can see very well some prime ministers in this continent too who don't have any vision of transparency. Many of them don't have that art of prime ministering.

One of them refused to meet some diplomats when they requested to meet him to discuss a very serious issue that had threaten the diplomatic relations between his country and the Arabic and Islamic World.

I interviewed some people about this issue and they said that, they cannot see any transparency or credibility regardless to the issue of the requested meeting.

Luckily those people are enjoying the democracy in Denmark and appreciating it. However, they always criticize the Danish Folk Party (DF) and say that it enforces the liberal party "Venstre", as the leading party in the government to shift to hard politics against the political refugees from Arabic and Islamic backgrounds.

That is clear discrimination and it violates the international human laws.

Many people said, if the prime minister had accepted the meeting at that time, that meeting might have saved the country's relation with the mentioned world and preserved millions of Dollars for Denmark's international trade in that world and preserved Denmark's bright picture in that World.

That was dogmatism too.

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