What are the Goals of the DF Party?

When Denmark responds positively to the dogmatic Danish People's party (DF), the chaos would be inevitable and the bright picture of Denmark would be dim internationally and locally. Erase the role of the fundamental egoism.

Denmark Becomes home of the DF's political policies against people who lived most of their lives in Denmark! You could understand this not in the day to day life on the streets, but even when you hear the political news, or which it on the TV channels.

So, when Denmark becomes home of the dans folk parti to play the principal role in politics many of those people will find it hard to continue living in Denmark.

Since 2001, the party began to harden its policies against foreigners in Denmark. Those foreigners include the UN Convention political refugees who are protected by international laws and the party ignore this fact and treat them as such as foreigners although they have not chosen to live in Denmark, but sent to it through diplomatic and resettlement channels.

The tragicomedy is that the DF doesn't pay attention to the differences between foreigners and political refugees.

The official treatments take all of the people who are living in Denmark by the same measures they use while treating Danish, although those who have lived for more than 14 years in Denmark has no rights to acquire citizenship and Danish passports.

They are still living with their refugees status and documentation provided to them as refugees by the UNHCR.

The equality in such official treatments by law is partially propaganda, as how they treat them as Danish while they deny them rights to citizenship.

This is a contradiction and a human disaster when we look at the one periods those refugees sent in Denmark and when we look at the standard of freedom they have. They cannot travel to any other country nearby by their refugees documents.

So, they are in fact prisoners in Denmark.

Why the DF Party Wants to Build Egoistic Denmark?

The more Denmark becomes egoistic, the more it becomes egregious! This is a sincere call before the flood of hatred not the flood of the global climate change sweeps the country!

This is the outcome of more than 10 years of liberalism ruling the country by self-made dogmatism, without even any sense of the art of prime ministering to lead this country towards real freedom of speech, equality and justice, not a mer cliché of democracy. 

To all members of the socialist parties in Denmark:

I found myself obliged to write you this letter, because it is getting worse in Denmark for professional UN political refugees that have no hope of returning home or anywhere else, especially when they spend nine years in Denmark without any development, and without even being citizens in this society.

This point in itself is one of the infringements to the international conventions and protocol concerning political refugees Denmark has signed and obliged to fulfill.

This message comes because you represent the youth generation in Denmark and you are socialist when socialism is getting to a nightmare period after the great fall of the great USSR.

Why I am writing in English?

The answer to this question is simply that the DF (and better-called deaf) has encouraged many people to hate getting this language correct.

The party (and better-called the new N.) thinks foreigners who live for long time in Denmark should be Danish by getting the high level of the language while the same high level is very difficult to even Danish people. This is a tragicomedy to laugh at.

The party enforces that through many steps to legalize getting the Danish citizenship and sets in forth even the four years continuous job as a condition in addition to the hard term of the language. Even a Danish person in this regard may not get fast and continuous job to fill that term.

In addition, no one has asked any question about what kind of a job and what qualifications those people should have to fill that job.

Is it just any job that person should fill even when the employee has high qualifications?

Why people with high education and qualifications (even high members of the DF party do not have) should fill jobs in minor sectors to their qualifications?

Now we could discuss this from different angles as they minor the Danish cultural influence amongst those who live in Denmark. In addition, the small number of Danish will never increase this way.

Watch the new documentary film again and think of all that has been said by people and even by those who are multiracial Danish.

If we look just to our nearest neighbors, we will know that in Sweden, UN political refugees get the Swedish citizenship in five years and they get it in Holland in the same period.

In practice, this will encourage those people to be new Swedish and new Dutch and hence increase the numbers of those nationalities.

It is worse when UN political refugees cannot get Danish citizenship in nine years because of those new regulations made mainly and purposely by the DF party.

High-level language education should not be the standard of language needed for any person to be a new citizen in a society. It is enough that person could speak and understand Danish.

Even in high-level language education, the target will never be done through enforcing and legalizing such processes. However, that party as I think has never thought of planning good futures for political refugees in Denmark, especial when some of those refugees have never rest since more than thirty years starting from the day they escaped their homelands.

Unfortunately, that party plans all of this while the so-called opposition sits in the parliament and does nothing to prevent leading Denmark into a chaos in the future. There are so many new generations coming from different cultural background.

The Danish Folk party fears that when those people became Danish the party will disappear. The opposition as it seems until now does not understand the goals of that party.

What the DF party fears in fact is the increase of the numbers of members who will join the socialist parties in the opposition. In logic, the DF party plans to minimize those parties in the opposition.

The mechanism of the DF party is tightly local in the time of the interaction between many international cultures. The more we accept new cultures the more our society will grow and become big, modern and tolerant.

We know a simple fact in this regard. It does not matter how small our society is. It is always right that small societies will integrate better when the small culture integrates in the big cultures not the reversal. Egoism is definitely a cemetery for a society that thinks through the mind of the DF party.

It seems that the opposition has a great task to achieve in the near future. I think the big task is to erase all those regulations the V party in the government has achieved while coordinating with the DF party and get us that bright Denmark once shined in the international community back.

This will maintain the integrity of this society and get many new Danish nationalities to function better within the community in love and peace instead of the hatred enforced by the DF party and its allies in the political power.

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