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Feb 28, 2010
Write Good Advices to Minors!
by: Admin

Thanks, Kyle for your advices to teenagers. I appreciate your input as it comes from someone who has been there to experience such matter and feel it is wrong for a very young girl to be pregnant at that age.

You started saying that you are 16 and pregnant. Can you write more details about it?

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Write in short sentences and paragraphs more information about your feelings, the feeling of perhaps becoming a mother before age, the looks and feels of your family, the small community and whether you are in school or not.

This could help others, as you have intended to do better, of course when they read more insights or more about the circumstances and your situation now. Thank you very much.

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Nov 17, 2014
I am Pregnant at 16
by: Anonymous

"I am Pregnant at 16" has been taken by seriously social TV programs to educate girls at this age and younger how to take much of care at this age.

The institutional care, however, is well done in most of the cases in the well-developed societies. This issue in the underdeveloped societies is very critical.

In conservative societies, where sex is strictly prohibited and good sexual education is unavailable, school girls in this age have been exposed to such dangers. There are many examples of children being found on cartoon boxes beside the schools, or near the locations of these schools.

To address such issue, many families have the idea to get their younger girls married before even this age to simply escape the problem, instead of modernizing their system by good education and making sex a matter of life that people would have when they are ready for it.

That means when the young get qualified educationally and professionally and have all the rights to build their families. So, it has economical requirements to be fulfilled first.

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