How to Communicate with Unknown Girl in a Group?

by Jayachandar
(Mumbai, India)

Love sings, dances and sometimes laughs in India.

Love sings, dances and sometimes laughs in India.

I Want to Communicate with an Unknown Girl I Met in a Group!

Dear sir/madam, I am Jayachandar.
on 24thDec, i saw a girl in a cultural festival which held in our college. we exchanged looks each other in a program for about 2 hours in our convocation hall. on that day, she was also very much interested in me. (this is the observation even by my friends also.) As this was my first experiance, i hesitated in speaking to her that day. now i am feeling like i made a life time that was the last day of the cultural festival, i could not get a chance again to meet her. i am not able to stop thinking about her from then. i am not even able to sleep well. ofcourse it might be attraction, i think i have atleast some interest in her. she looks very traditional which i expect from a girl.
i am pursuing M.Tech from the top college in India. i already got very good job in campus placements with very nice pay. i will complete my studies the coming June.
Now i want to talk to that lady. i don't have any information about her. But i know the dress/its color that she wear that day.(Punjabi dress, atmost about 200 girls might have dressed in punjabi dress) and also i know where she sat that day. i can get the mailId's of about 2000 girls attented that festival. So i want to send a common mail to all. in the mail, i wanted to mention whatever i have the information about her suchas her dress, her seat number etc.
I request you to please tell me how i can approach for the same. i know the possibility is 50-50, but i sincerely request you to advice in this case.

Eagerly waiting for some advice...
Thanks & Regards,


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