Orebro Walks and Sometimes Talks!

Orebro walks touched by Frida's love, and tries to "Take a Chance on Me". Örebro walks in winter on the streets, the markets and absolutely through the Swedish smiles on the faces. It sometimes talks to my heart desperately with that mesmeric Swedish temptation. I feel its pleasure in its mesocarp.

I now, understand why I loved ABBA and got sentimentally attracted to Anni-Frid Lyngstad (Frida) to love Sweden and Norway. My love started during the 70s, just after the launch day of the ABBA in 1972.

Luckily, after 30 years of yearning, I got to see Orebro (œrəˈbru) walking on its own feminine steps and then follow the trace of her steps on the asphalt. I felt the asphalt giggling with joy while tracing her steps in that wonderful walking-passage.

Sudanese Children, Orebro Walks, Having Fun at Orebro Castle!

I have no dogs to take on Orebro walks. However, I have my legs and my DZ-HS301E Hitachi camcorder. I have my daughter by my side too as friend and secretary at the same time as I have a collection of Abba's songs starts with "Take a Chance on Me" from that time I loved Frida (Anni-Frid Llyngstad).

So, it is obviously that I have many pleasures to take in my Orebro walks. 

Orebro Walks at Night from Svampen!

I have captured these beautiful scenes in Orebro in these videos during a winter visit to Sweden. I liked Orebroland and I have enjoyed 6 weeks there with my daughter in summer and this winter. I am traveling, enjoying life and doing some projects in this beautiful country. Keep traveling, keep smiling and see how Orebro walks.

If you are about to travel to Sweden, these are the most enjoyable sights in Orebro / Sweden, with the cheapest budget hotels at Beautiful Hotels in Orebro and Beautiful Orebro City.

The first video starts a series of shots from different sites in Sweden and other places we have enjoyed visiting in last summer and this winter to see Orebro walks the same way, as she used to do.

My daughter likes beautiful Sweden very much. "I like Sweden. It is beautiful. The nature is protected and the Swedes are very nice and kind!" she says. See Marieberg Orebro.

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This video is one of a series of videos from this big beautiful city in the (heart) of Sweden. Please check them below, be my friend on YouTube, rate them, send them to friends from there or from Forward Wise Biz and just keep connected to walk the line in Sweden.

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