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Mar 14, 2014
That is Not Love You Are Feeling!
by: Anonymous

We requested more information to see the problem and then provide the online love consulting you want. Since the date your request published we haven't got any response from you, although it is necessary to do that, if you are really serious.

However, it seems that he only wants to take chances. There are not chances in love. When it happens, it happens suddenly and you feel it for someone you know very well and you care about. It makes you think about him, wish to be always with him, dream of him and longing to get connected with him. It touches your soul and makes you feel its joy.

Your boy seems as someone who wants to take chances and he uses some tricks. Chances and tricks are not connected anyway to love. So, take care.

Since you haven't provided more details about him and yourself, it is difficult to see the problem, though.

Nevertheless, depend in your intuition and get connected with other people in your area of interest. Develop good friendship relations and one day, love would come unexpectedly.

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