Hot Times Refugees!

The UN convention and political refugees in Denmark are under many pressures that humiliate their rights to education, work, good integration and good resettlement the UNHCR has sent them to this land to get.

The land seems just another misery to them as long as the national egoism gets to the decision making circles enforced by an egoistic party such as the Danish Folk Party, the DF, which is the primary supporter of the Liberal Party, the "Venstre".

Refugees: Deng Akok, a political refugee from Sudan has committed a suicide because of harsh polices against refugees in Denmark.Refugees: Support RANW: Please save this image then print it out and distribute it. Thanks!

The "Venstre" party succeeded for the second term and came to power with an anti-refugees policy!

The governing party amongst other few groups is well known as an anti-refugees group!

Those groups achieved the major success in the last elections and the winning is an indication to some values they come through to enforce harsh policies against political resettlement in the country. That means they have won their last election campaign because of this policy.

The government has implemented tough refugees' policy during its first term in power. Through work regulations, administrational communal orders, and other related instructions, this policy does not respect Denmark international obligations regrading asylum seekers!

In harmony with this policy some loyal TV channels display some TV stories about the behaviors of the foreigners suggesting that negative results cause the implementation of the new social welfare and other related regulations and laws!

This is a hot time alert. This is a call to stop that could possibly be a future bomb, because such tough policy may result in a deep gap inside this peaceful society. It just goes against the designed integration program.

Some people who fled their countries and who are living nowadays in Denmark are speaking out that this is not a good integration since it's oriented towards the children refugees under age and neglect their parents because they cannot be easily integrated.

It also indicates that any kind of orders which involve all the people is set forth because of those people who either came through the UNHCR or smuggled themselves to the country to be de facto new settlers. This indication is so negative and hurtful. There're some stories beyond the horizon we may come through.

Short Story about a Political Refugee in Denmark!

A Sudanese national resettled in Denmark as a political refugee has committed a suicide because of the bad interpretation to the integration proceeders and the relevant regulations regarding the social help of political refugees in the country.

The social help for conventional political refugees shouldn't be under any circumstances parallel with social help the state offers fro nationals. But, this is another story no body knows about, although there are great differences at the security levels between nationals and asylum seekers.

The Sudanese national Deng Akok was a student in an agricultural institute and he was accepted as a political refugee in Denmark from Liberia.

He committed a suicide because of the bad interpretation of the new Integration and other laws in regards by the authorities in Sindal Communal area.

According to the integration law when somebody accepted in the resettlement program and chose in compliance with the law to involve in any kind of a professional education, then his welfare will stop and he'll be granted for his education from another department called "The State Students Grant Bureau".

However, that did not happen in this case although the money grant is only about 65% of the welfare.

He applied to study in an agricultural institute in Aarhus area. He started his studies while the communal authorities in Sindal denied him his welfare because he had applied to receive students' grants.

The authorities responsible of that study grants never paid it out to him. He contacted the communal authorities, which in turn referred him to his institute several times.

The problem was inevitable because the communal area stopped his welfare in the transitional period before he even received any grants. Therefore, he found himself lost in between a system formula no one knows about.

He found himself without living expenses for more than three months so he killed himself to send an alert to those who are responsible of this situation. Deng was well known between his friends as a very charming and hopeful.

He was a Sudanese People Liberation Army (SPLA's member). This is in turn, turns out a big question:

How did the UNHCR accept his case and how did Denmark approved his resettlement?

This question is because of the fact that Denmark does not accept anyone who took arm in a rebel movement as a refugee!

I know this from one of my friends political personal experiences, as they have procrastinated while he was facing great dangers and asked the regional office of the UNHCR whether he took arms with the rebel movement, or not.

This is an example case to other policies against the Refugees on the way. Some of the Refugees ask why Denmark has signed the 1951 Convention and the 1967 Protocol relating to the status of the refugees.

Why it does accept refugees since it has no good future projects for them to involve?

The example of this threat is that the refugees under the integration or other related laws are facing a work abuse. The abuse was and will be generated because of the new laws introduced by the government that succeeded the Social Democrats Government in 2001.

The resettlement and security Denmark has signed within the 1951 Convention and the 1967 Protocol, are including education, medicine, food, personal security and work.

Food security means you should not hold any refugee's complete welfare until he finds a job or a money grant, and you should not enforce giving it through any kinds of unacceptable conditions. We have many stories of humiliation.

There are a lot more examples to this abuse that needs deep investigations. Read the UN Eritrean Political Refugees at We are going to uncover more secrets about such abuses when you fill the form at the linked political website.

Help us defend your rights!

Submit any human rights abuse only if you are a refugee officially. That means only if you've passed through a UNHCR's protection and resettlement process. Otherwise any different case will be deleted!

Submit your political story, status, any trouble and let's help creating an awareness!

Please make sure that we treat information provided through the form on the political website confidentially.

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People in the miserable world in Africa, Asia, Latin America and some other places think that their countries are the hell itself. Bad political experiences combined with angry nature force them to flee their countries seeking refuge in the modern world in the west.

They do not know, the promised paradise has its conditions and there are some tough measures too. Poverty is not only in the third world. It exists even in well modernized and developed countries.

But, those who flee their countries do not know, until they come and live these hard experiences, they may regret later.

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