Child Care in The War Zone!

When it comes to child care in some societies I found that there are not serious humanitarian efforts and they do not care about child-care or child safety in those areas of wars!

They even recruit kids compulsory, as child soldiers to go to the war. I have many examples in my book and at my political website, HOA Political Scene.

And whenever there's war anywhere, there should be always a hand to clear the tears and cure the human pain!

Child care had been very active part of my activities as a journalist in Eritrea in the Horn of Africa. I took it from different angles while looking deep into the education and health sectors of the new independent state.

As, I was deeply concerned, I created, led and participated in some activities to share the rehabilitation and the reconstruction of the new country. For more lights, see the linked pages at the political website.

I have been engaged totally in the society while working in the news, education, politics, clubs, associations and trade unions to do my human duties with the leaders, as I did with the public.

So, child care came to my attention not only because I am journalist, but also because I love children and I have that feeling of their world.

Journalist Khalid Osman, while taking care of child care with the all his sons in the revolutionary Salmona Orphanage in Asmara, Eritrea.

Backgrounds on Child Care!

I have done a considerable organizational work as journalist, organized and shared good parts of activities in some fields like: Children, Women, Environment, Human Rights and Countries Foreign Relations.

I had prepared some projects, planning papers, fundamental laws and other organizational materials for couple of authorities and decision making boards.

Doing just that ten years of my life, I got only a "downtrodden" status, neglected and thrown as "an old file" deep into the archives. I was not complaining and I was so satisfied that time, as the revolution taught me.

I was doing that while my poor family needed my help, living in small room, had a little money that was not much exceeding a pocket money, while those who were holding my projects and papers, were talking in meetings and regional conferences.

They were living in luxury and had full access to everything in power. They did what they wanted to do and just forgot everything about their real motivator. Believe it or not. Go there and ask.

When my friends, and those who know everything about my common activities, asked me why, I answered them only by: This country is ruled by one person, and that's the nature of the revolution when it changes its clothes! It does that unfortunately when it comes to power!

If The Blood of The People is Not "Coca-Cola"...

Oh, where are those real revolutionists, I learned from them the alphabet of all my sacrifices?

Child Care: Journalist Khalid Osman, while taking care of child care with SOS to feature its efforts during wars.

Child Care in the Ethio-Eritrean War Zone!

The Eritrean and the Ethiopian survive through two periods of war. Unprecedented each of the two wars is very different from the other. The first war was very long. It lasted thirty Years. The second lasted 2-3 years only.

During the last misery, there was not much of child care. Who cares of child care during wars? The two parties recruited tens of thousands of children to go to war.

Almost the majority of the Eritreans call the first war: The Eritrean Independence War. Keep reading about the Ethio-Eritrean Wars here.

No child care but victims, as reports after the war show that tens of thousands of children has been killed, injured or disabled, while hundreds of thousands fled to seek refuge from the two countries.

Could there be any kind of child care in such area? However, there are programs, associations, ministries to do that job and seek child care. Could we laugh?

More than 100.000 of the people had been victimized / killed in the last war. Another more 100.000 thought died from the famine because the resources had been diverted for the war efforts.

650.000 of the people were displaced during the escalation of the offenses targeted the civilians in each front. International sources then said international aid needed to save 15 million people in the area.

How many children were among those people? We can guess only the numbers of the children there who had been the real victims of the war.

If we consider the huge numbers of those youth who had been mobilized by the two governments and taken compulsory to the war fields, we should say that great numbers of kids from both the gentle sex and the sterner sex had been martyred and victimized because of the insanity!

No one now is discussing this issue and no one is now taking action to call for justice for them. They're forgotten!

Child Care During the Liberation Struggle!

Frankly, I admired the care of the Eritrean revolution during the liberation struggle, as I have seen many proofs of how they had that care during the hard times, while keeping in contact with some institutions and sharing their efforts. I cannot understand what has happened to the revolution now.

During the first Eritrean liberation war and the Ethiopian war against their claimed Marxist dictator, some networkers established some orphanages for children in the capital cities of the two countries.

So "Save Our Souls" International had been there for a long time, but not in Asmara anymore. The Asmara Children Village now is a residence for The Ministry Of Labour.

So, when I got my refuge status, I contacted SOS the first day and they assigned one of their children's villages in Ethiopia not in Eritrea (because there's none today) to be sponsored by me and others.

In SOS, they provide their child care to large numbers of children's villages around the world, not only in Africa. Visit the network of child-care through the following links on the political website at Awassa and Awassa Children's Village.

And when we think about Ethiopia, we should ask ourselves these questions:

Who really made the ready-made disasters?

Why they are still controlling some territories, while the people in those territories are still revolting against them and against their ready-made hunger and famine?

You probably have heard about ready-made manufactures, but not ready-made disasters, have you?

But, as you see that is the Horn of AFrica, where you cannot find any child care or any real care about those humans who drive the green fields and the economical machines of those countries. Where are the real revolutions?

That is actually what happens in our world today, but not everywhere. It's occurring only in Africa and some other parts of the Third World, and deepened by the absence of the international red revolution.

These lines are part of a letter I've received from my children village to pay attention to the child care they do.

I actually receive some letters, while doing this child-care, from my children village especially every new year.

The letters keep me updated about the child care program and the village activities throughout the year, and how well are they doing about their child care project.

But what's important and very specific about these lines in child care is that, they are not identifying the real cause of the regional crisis. Because that's not their job, but ours!

Their job is only to work for child care and such humanitarian issues and to keep us informed to cure the misery, but our rights is to speak about the misery makers and identify them.

My children's village child care letter:

"You would probably be worried about us if you heard the scaring hunger problem in our country. Millions of people in the region of Afar, eastern part of Oromiya, several regions in the southern part of the country and Ethio-Somali region are in deep trouble for they did not get rain, which is very important for their farms and cattle.

They are now in need of urgent help for their survival. We are very anxious about those who are facing the problem for it is unbearable to see our people die because of hunger".

Yes, people die because of hunger, but who made it?

People think only about draught and famine considering that they actually happened because of the nature.

They don't think or want to think further about the real reasons for people to be poor or to suffer from starvation. We do... and that exactly is our job. It's most warm part of this network scheme.

Optional protocol on child soldiers:

According to the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers, more than 500,000 children are currently recruited by government forces and armed groups in 87 countries and at least 300,000 children are actively fighting in 41 countries.

In February 2002 the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict entered into force.

As of February 2002, this important new treaty had been ratified by 14 states and signed by 94. The Protocol,which prohibits the use of children under 18 in hostilities, is a strong expression of the international consensus against the use of children as soldiers.

Read more to discover how our children rights to normal childhood had been or still abused. They don't know what does childhood mean... They in fact confiscate it, when they don't offer good child care.

"Donkeynizing" the people and killing the BIRDS... Yes, "donkeynizing" is a new concept I have created.

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