Fight Child Abuse!

Child abuse and children sexual exploitation should rise up all the community in your area whenever it happens.

There are some guidelines here about child abuse and children sexual exploitation to fight such issues. When children abuse becomes or involves child sexual exploitation then the emergency needed in the society should be high.

We have some cases in Africa that you may have heard about if you were following the news.

Children abuse is an extracted concept or definition to describe the outcome of a situation where a child faces bad physical, emotional or sexual behaviours.

Child Abuse has Signs!

In normal cases of neglect inside the families, it's difficult sometimes to notice if a child has faced child abuse or not.

But the signs and symptoms of this abuse could appear later in some kind of behaviors from the child itself, i.e. refusing to eat, drink, or say a word about something he has been asked.

In other kinds of abuses the signs and symptoms vary. They could show physically immediately, or after some careful questioning.

How to Deal with Child Abuse?

What to do if you've discovered that your children have faced a child abuse?

This kind of child abuse in so many countries in Africa, remains undermined in spite of any anti child abuse action led by any humanitarian body.

But, Africa is not exceptional. This happens in Europe, as we hear or discover sometimes that some children have been abused even by their fathers, or mothers sexually.

The child remains up to this edge unprotected. Some authorities in the third world couldn't even recognize child labor as a child abuse!

They think simply if the family needs its child to work to feed itself, or bring some money to the family, so that's OK.

In so many cases, under age children who work there do it because their parents want them to bring money home.

This is a clear child abuse case. Then when you discuss any case and describe it as a child abuse case, they will refuse to hear you or try to pretend that they do not know this kind of child abuse you're talking about.

They may imagine even that you're talking like (those Europeans) do. So, let it be child abuse or more than a child abuse. They can say that simply.

Our founder will come soon to edit some stories he got himself out of his long experiences while he was journalist there about child abuse and some other cases.

But, for now we will go beyond this kind of child abuse and child exploitation to read this report.

Precautionary Measures for Child Abuse!

Parental guidelines in case your child might someday be the victim of sexual exploitation!

Read documentaries about this issue and search for precautionary measures to discuss with your life partner at home. You might have seen movies of such issues. What you have learned from them?

Think of how, when and why a child may be abused. The best thing is to raise chidden with good awareness of such potential dangers. No, you shouldn't tell them that they might someday be abused.

Tell them of how to take care in general while cycling, playing at school, getting home and what they should take care of while doing all of that. Build trust with care and love and monitoring and be sure that when they trust you they tell you even about their fears.

What Should Families Do When Children Disclose That They Have Been Sexually Exploited?

The services of an attorney may be helpful at any time during the investigation of a case of a sexually exploited child, but they are particularly important if you are facing one of the situations noted below:


  • have questions, during a criminal trial of the alleged exploiter, that the prosecutor or other professionals involved in the case cannot answer.
  • want to file a civil lawsuit against some-one who sexually exploited your child.
  • want to file a civil lawsuit against an agency or institution that failed to protect your child from sexual victimization.

What Should We Look for in an Attorney?

Cases of child sexual exploitation can have complex legal issues. Parents should consider the items noted below when hiring an attorney.

  • Legal advice should come only from an attorney.
  • Your attorney should be licensed to practice in the state where the case arose and/or where any trial is likely to occur.
  • If your child has been sexually exploited, your attorney should be familiar with child-abuse and neglect investigations, the laws about custody and visitation, and procedures that may be used in trials when a child is a witness.
  • If a parent has been involved in the sexual exploitation, there may be issues surrounding child custody and visitation.
  • Your attorney should be experienced in con-ducting trials, especially trials in criminal and family court.

Where Do We Find a Qualified Attorney?

The agencies and organizations noted below may be able to help you find an attorney.

  • Non-profit service providers serving families of missing and exploited children.
  • Lawyer-referral services of the local or state bar association.
  • Legal aid office, if you think that you are financially eligible for free or reduced-fee representation.

What Should We Expect From the Professionals Who Are Helping My Child?

When working with law-enforcement officials, social-service personnel, physicians, therapists, and/or attorneys... take care of the following:

  • Ask about his or her experience and training in dealing with a particular problem. If you are not satisfied, work within the system to find another professional who does have the needed skills.
  • Even if you pay a reduced fee or receive services at no cost, you have the right to have a physician, therapist, and attorney with the proper training and experience.
  • Discuss your child’s situation openly, completely, and honestly.
  • Trust your feelings and your child’s feelings.
  • You and your child should feel comfortable with the professionals helping you, even if the examination or assessment process creates feelings of discomfort.
  • If you are not comfortable with any professional who is assisting your child or family, discuss this discomfort openly.
  • If this discussion does not produce positive change, seek another professional to help you with that aspect of the case.
  • Try to cooperate as fully as possible and help the child cooperate with each step of this process.
  • Ask questions if you do not understand what is happening.
  • Discuss the fees for examination and consultations.
  • Find out what is covered by insurance benefits that you may have. Ask for a written statement that explains the basis for charges.
  • Your law-enforcement agency or district attorney’s office can tell you if your state has a crime-victim-assistance program that will pay for necessary counselling, medical treatment, and/or legal fees.
  • If your child's case does not have enough evidence to be "substantiated," you and your child may still need counseling and support.
  • Such assistance may also involve prevention education to help understand the dynamics of child sexual exploitation and actions that can be taken to reduce its occurrence.
  • Know that even if no physical evidence was found, the therapist or physician may still be able to testify in court about the evaluation and discuss the fact that your child was sexually exploited.
  • It is important for the therapist to continue seeing your child, even if the court does not find that sexual exploitation occurred.
  • Know that all criminal-justice personnel, medical personnel, therapists, and attorneys have a code of ethics that they must follow.

What Should Families Do When Children Disclose That They Have Been Sexually Exploited?


  • under react to or minimize the information.
  • overreact to the information or panic.
  • criticize or blame your child.


  • respect your child’s privacy.
  • support your child and the decision to tell.
  • show physical affection, and express love and support with words and gestures.
  • explain to your child that he or she has done nothing wrong.
  • help your child understand it was the offender’s responsibility, not your child’s.
  • remember that children seldom lie about acts of sexual exploitation.
  • keep the lines of communication open.
  • seek appropriate medical care for your child.
  • notify law enforcement.
  • in cooperation with law enforcement, alert the child-protection, youth-services, child-abuse, or other appropriate social-services organizations.
  • consider the need for counselling or therapy for your child and the entire family.

And yet there is a lot to it. Just visit all of these links here to read more.

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