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Apr 27, 2015
Understand the Location Field in the Form!
by: Admin

Satya, there is a problem we wrote to you about and it is about that you haven't followed the guiltiness on the main Love Consulting Services at the Online Love Consulting to write good Love Consulting Requests. It is required per the guidelines to write your request in short sentences and compose your sentences in short paragraphs and thus you Submit Good Request.

This is a method you should take care of when you write to help the flow and the readability of your request, so consultants and other people could read it and understand it easily.

* Are you from Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal?

Read and write about your city and upload pictures from it at Sagarmatha National Park.

Angel, I want first to understand where are you living! Did this problem happen in Malaysia, or where you are living?

In the field of the form where you enter your location, you wrote Malaysia and on the text field you wrote you are from Malaysia. This is not supposed to be, because it creates a confusion. You should fill that field right and then if you are from any other origin, you can mention that through the information you fill in, in the big box.

So, are you from Malaysia, but living in Seattle, Washington, the USA?

There is a confusion in the second paragraph, because you wrote the location wrong and this doesn't help to understand the job conditions.

It is very important to understand what each of the fields in the form does. That means you should provide right information there and then include details to mention where the problems happen.

Regarding the readability of your request, there is no problem, as you wrote it in short sentences and in short paragraphs, despite some spelling and grammar mistakes that indicate you haven't checked it to submit good request.

That is not a big deal, as long as you follow the guidelines at the Online Love Consulting Services to write the required Full Information and then submit the request.

All is fine. Now, you should take great care. How could you simply meet someone online and trust him, or her? This is a serious question, as this kind of online chatting and so is very dangerous.

Second, how could you just forget those who brought you into this life to escape from your responsibilities to chase a dream? Why do you want to catch the dream and neglect the real life you are living?

Get back to your mind and arrange to build your future at home (supposedly Malaysia, because you haven't mentioned where you are living) to make your family proud of you. They deserve this. So, why you deny them what they deserve?

You have dreams of course, you want to come true. These dreams could come true at your homeland, or where you live. You know people, real people and you have ties with people.

* Are you from Seattle, Washington, USA?

Read about places in the USA and write about your city at the Mississippi River, or writ about your favorite American movies at Best TV Cinematography.

You'll get useful gifts when your write to help you develop your language and discover the hidden power of your passion to improve your life.


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