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Apr 23, 2015
Don't Panic, if There is No Room for Love!
by: Admin

Somebody, It seems that there is something wrong with your email address, as I sent you a letter to let you write your request properly following the guidelines on the main Love Consulting Services, which are published further at Love Consulting Requests, Online Love Consulting, Online Love Consulting Services and Submit Good Request. I advised also to provide the required full information.

On the main love consulting pages, you can follow some guidances to have your email services to accept emails from the services you use.

Feeling love for friends' sisters is sometimes common in many places in this world and there is nothing wrong about it, unless it changes only to be a sex desire. Be sure that it is not merely about sex.

I had received a similar love problem (although it is different in some details) almost about three years ago from another person living in a different location you can read at I Love My Best Friend's Young Sister, with the solution provided at I Love My Best Friend's Young Sister - Comments.

It maybe that of your language I see some confusions in your story and that is why I wrote to you to organize your self and write the problem step by step in short sentences and in short paragraphs to read it better.

However, here we go…

How could you describe her by bad words although you said, "She is a virgin to this day"?

It is always better to calm down things and be rational to understand behaviors like hers. You need to be serious now and to face it to get what you want, or dismiss it. There is no point of love, if she continues this manner. So, talk to her seriously without expressing any emotional feeling.

Provide facts about your love and how the whole story started. Ask her why after getting you into her love, she makes such things worsen like that. Just go ahead with it and tell her that she means a lot to you, but there is no point in love if she continued to behave like that and at the end you need a loving serious girl.

Ashu, you make it difficult to understand your problem through the way you write it and therefore responded to you to write in plain text in short sentences and in short paragraphs. This is very important to at least understand what's going on.

However, from the few things I understand, I could advice you. Don't rush. Don't react as sensitive as that to the point you say you hated her. Let the break go on and be patient. When you contact her again prove that you understand and you care. Ask her directly, if you wants to be serious to carry on and don't afraid of dropping you. Even if that happens, she only proves that she has not much room fro you and that is not your true love.

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