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Apr 16, 2015
Write Perfect, Get Fast Results!
by: Admin

Somebody, a week after the submission of this request, we sent you an email to write your request following the guidelines on the main Love Consulting Services, fill in some missing information in your request and avoid using such terms young people use.

Love is not like this at all. It is a serious and sudden hit of emotion that connects two persons together. The right way to express this love is never by teasing. Teasing and some other tricks in your words are not signs of any real love. It all seems very childish.

This why we said on the main pages of Love at Love Consulting Services, Online Love Consulting, Online Love Consulting Services and Submit Good Request, you should provide Full Information about your love problem including your ages to understand all of the behaviors in such cases right.

This person plays according to his age and the way he understands at that age. You play also according to childish feeling of love, which is not true love. You want to feel love, You look for it eagerly. You should be grown up wisely to know the behaviors of other people in your surrounding.

There are many ways for a person who loves somebody to express that love he feels towards the other person. The better way could be by approaching the other person, using some kind words while addressing him, or her and introducing oneself to the other. Reaching out towards respect, he or she should start by knowing the interests of each. This is makes the common sense of compatibility to move forward.

Adam, we sent you an email to write enough information following the guidelines to supmit good consulting request. We didn't receive any information from you since that date. It is always better to write good details about your case and follow the guidelines to submit good request.

Do, nothing. Forget her and look forward to the things you love to do and enjoy your life. You will meet your real love one day.

Renuka, you haven't written your request following the advices to write good request and provide more details about your problem. You should have written your request in good language too. Be serious through the way you write. You just can't write the way you did and then expect people to respond to you.

However, from a moral point of view, here we go:

Everybody says he, or she can't live in such situation. That is not true, as many people have lived after hard and panful love experiences. This person cannot meet any challenge in his life. You should not be weak like him. Get into things that matters in your life and forget about him. Sooner, or later, you will meet your real love.

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