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Apr 22, 2015
You Are All Too Young!
by: Admin

Rahul, you can't just write a brief paragraph like this and then expect somebody to answer your question. You should have provided the required Full Information, as you see on this page before submitting your request.

You should follow the instructions on the main Love Consulting Services on this page and at Love Consulting Requests, Love Problem, Love Problem Solution, Online Love Consulting, Online Love Consulting Services and Submit Good Request.

You should also write in good language that other readers could understand. Childish language along with not paying attention to the guidelines prove that you are not serious at all. You should treat your request seriously, so other people could look into it to help you. But, this way… no, it is a mess.

However, you are both too long for serious love relations. Your girl friend seems wiser, as she wants to focus on her study and she cannot lie to her parents to meet you. Do you want her to do that and simply do what you want. If she did how would you look at her after that?

She has values and ideal-self. Try to learn from her. If you were serious and you love her, treat her in a different matter. Be patient and knowledgeable to discuss what interests her in her study and life and make all of that points to develop good relation until she graduates. Love comes alone during a serious look and feel to real life of others.

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Somebody, you are also too young and you are not clear and brief. Such love problems should encourage you to write good details. You also haven't followed the instructions to write and submit good request, as mentioned on the linked pages above. At your age, as I can guess from the way you write, you are young for love. Focus on your future, if you are a student.

Someone, before you write your life problem, you should always pay attention to whether there is guidelines and helpful resources to write good request, or not. We have all of that on the linked ages above and on the page you used to submit your request. So, why you skipped the guidelines and wrote your request briefly and full of mistakes?

You should not bother. Just make sure of her interest and whether she want that, or not. As you mentioned that she loves you, you could both make plans together. Marriage is a serious matter that comes with responsibilities. It is not the romance we anticipate in love and so on. The hard living conditions break families nowadays. So, you should plan well before stepping into the future.

Annisa, you are also too young for love. Focus on your studies. The right love will come at the right time. All that you have mentioned in your request and stories of your classmates are all childish. So, grow up. Abandon such childish behaviors and again focus on your study and in your future.

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