by Jenny Frasier

What cPanel Version 11.36 Offers for Website Owners?

cPanel and WHM are essential components for managing websites on specific servers. With its organizational features, webmasters and owners will find management a breeze.

Since cPanel is a platform used for website management, it also undergoes numerous updates that provide a lot of management benefits for its users. Moreover, updates also include fixes on problems occurred on its earlier releases. This is a way to give back to clients who decide to invest on this solution.

Recent release update

cPanel introduces its release tier with the aim to introduce the latest versions the company is working on. Currently, it has the 11.34 version at the release tier and is used by individuals who are starting to invest on their online image.

The cPanel team released a recent update that the 11.36 version is now at its Current release tier. The company defines the versions in this tier as verified and tested platforms but may still be missing some factors that will qualify them for the release tier.

Knowing the features

As a new release, you are probably curious about its offered features. Here are some features to lookout for on 11.36 version.

RPMs are back

With RPMs promoted on this platform, version 11.36 ensures faster installation time in using cPanel and WHM. Moreover, it also boosts efficiency, making whole website management simpler for webmasters. Not only for efficient operation, RPMs also make sure that updating will be faster than before, cutting users’ time in updating the platform.

Email auto discovery

Setting emails, while can be a simple job, is also time consuming. Save your time by allowing this feature auto configure settings for email using MS Outlook and Thunderbird. Each protocol will be set up properly and provide more benefits for users.


Fighting spam mails has been a common task among webmasters and web owners. With version 11.36, it enhances spam protection using mail headers and Apache queries. This discovers the actual email sender even in using ‘nobody’ user.

Compatibility in different OS and web browser platforms

Even before promoting cPanel and WHM versions, its brains ensure to test compatibility first to avoid potential inconsistencies in various platforms people use. This version has been tested on Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.6 to 10.8. For web browsers, this version will work without problems in Mozilla Firefox 12, Google Chrome 20 and MS Internet Explorer 8 and 9.

Rollback features

Rollback or downgrades are common practices in cases a platform will not seem to fit users’ needs. After installing version 1.36, it will not allow users to rollback to the previous versions webmasters used before.

New scripts

Version 11.36 will also include a new script called check_cpanel_rpms. This works in validating managed RPMs in cPanel and allows users to reinstall them in case they were changed.

cPanel and WHM version 11.36 is something to look forward to when it comes to its offered features. It meets the needs of today’s webmasters because of its offered features and other updates that are not rendered in its earlier releases.

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