I Love My Best Friends Young Sister!

by Andrew

Love and Rock Music in the Rock Star Movie.

Love and Rock Music in the Rock Star Movie.

Hi, im andrew. im currently on a very confuse state . Im in love with a girl whom happens to be my bestfriend's younger sister.

Ive known and had a crush on her for six years but we only started to be very close to each other for e past 6 months.

She is e kind of girl that doesnt really likes to talk about "love" and try her best to avoid "love" topics whenever i started it. and im e kind of guy who hate " rejections" and will try my best to avoid asking something which i know there's a risk of being rejected.

ive still havent dated her out because im sure she's gonna reject. ive asked her out once but she gave me a reason that she's shy because she sees me as a "high-end handsome" guy while she sees herself as a "low class" girl. we end up not goin out even after pleading to her.

my problem now is that im not sure what she see me as. big brother? casual friend? more than friend?

Should i make a confession to her about my feelings? ill doubt ill do that as i see a big potential risk of having the answer that i wouldnt want to hear and i really hate that.

Honestly speaking, i feel that the whole situation is like "im heading for something and she sees it as nothing."

where do i go about after this?


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