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Nov 17, 2014
Get a Life!
by: Anonymous

This is ridiculous. Get a life, man.


Why it appears ridiculous to you?

Look even inside your culture. We see this habit even in movies that reflects it is a bad habit even in very well-developed communities, where having sex is not a problem at all. It is in the veins of every day life.

In underdeveloped world sex is forbidden in public and unless you are married. However, there are houses to sell sex, whether they are secret houses, or known houses.

In a very conservative societies many people practice this habit, whether they cannot afford buying sex, or have it easily.

Masturbating is not a habit that we only link to very young people, or people from the third world only. We may see, or know of many adults (among them even sheikhs and senators in their sixties) addicted to this bad habit of masturbating by dry hand, or by using creams.

The habit has psyche effects and it could make you sick if you are used to it. So, you should think seriously of stopping at this point and take serious attempts to look for alternatives.

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