I Always Fall in Love Easily!

by Naveen
(Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, southeast India)

Welcome Love Music in Indian Bollywood Movies. Visit the Original Site on Image.

Welcome Love Music in Indian Bollywood Movies. Visit the Original Site on Image.

One day, I saw a girl. She is very pretty, full of life and she smiles in a way that blows me away. Her lips and eyes are the very sexiest lips and eyes I ever have seen.

I dreamt of that beautiful girl every night and I even have spoken to her in my dreams.

In reality, I cannot reach her for different reasons.

However, days on later, I saw another beautiful girl. The new girl that attracted me is my first girl's friend. I could not help but fall in love with her.

I feel love runs in my blood. If I saw another girl, I will certainly fall for her.

What is the problem, man?

My sexual appetite is high. However, I do not have any problem! I love just like a bee that flies to kiss every flower.



This is very interesting, even in the way you wrote about your love and sexual feelings. You could make a living from writing and become a poet or short stories writer.

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