I Love a Mom with 3 Kids!

by Abass

I Love a Mom with 3 Kids: Adriana Masters

I Love a Mom with 3 Kids: Adriana Masters

"Abass" wrote from Minneapolis, Egypt, "I met a woman here and we have to know each other for a time. She has three kids. I do not have any kids. I feel that I love her. We become friends. I enjoyed meeting my girlfriend for about 7 months".

"After that, I got very busy in my work and I could not meet her regularly. Some things do not work out that way and she broke off. I understand that has happened because I did not spend good time with her and her kids".

"I tried my best to keep good waters running under the bridge and I managed to get her back with me. However, she told me after a couple of weeks, that she has been talking to someone. She said her kids like him".

"During that talk, she suggested that she might choose that man because of her children and the new situation he has created inside her home".

"However, later on, she told me that she feels mixed up by keeping in relations with him and me at the same time".

"Her words hurt me deeply. Meanwhile, she said something that makes me wonder. As she put it, she needs time to decide with whom she must stay. I feel that I love her so much. I do not know how to please her to keep on with me".

"This love problem is so complicated to me. Please help. How should I deal with such matter? How could I solve this problem?"


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