Is My Husband Cheating Me?


Eddie Duran (Cody Longo) enjoying his career and love with Loren Tate (Brittany Underwood) in Hollywood Heights, before the tragedy.

Eddie Duran (Cody Longo) enjoying his career and love with Loren Tate (Brittany Underwood) in Hollywood Heights, before the tragedy.

The request to solve the problem posted here by the title "Is My Husband Cheating On Me?" was true, when we published it the first time on this same page.

The person who submitted that request provided four pictures, which make it true.

That means she knew what she was doing, wanted to prove her love for her husband, and wanted to publish those four pictures.

Her request received urgent treatment and published here. Now after that I received many requests by some other names and even from anonymous to delete this post because, as they said it hurts the person who submitted it.

As if, we are playing children here. The love problem was real and the person who submitted it was the first person to take responsibility of her behavior.

I could possibly ignore the request and keep this post here with all the information submitted and well tracked by the system. But, it is OK. I deleted it from this page and all the four photos have gone with it.

The instructions are clear that I publish your request as is, if you didn't mention anything to hide sensitive information. That means, it is necessary to mention whether you wanted to hide your personal information, or not.

Since she submitted her request without mentioning that and instead, she provided four pictures, so this is acknowledgement that she wanted her entire post published.

It is not our responsibility to delete posts her. That person is responsible for what she did. However, we post here additional guidelines for anyone who would like to request consultation in such matters.

Please NEVER submit something you feel you will regret submitting it in the future. Be responsible yourself before calling other people to be responsible.

If you never indicated to keep your personal information confidential, we are not fortunetellers to know. Tell us directly to keep personal information like your full name anonymous.

However, it is obvious that the person who submitted that request did not want to keep it secret because she uploaded four pictures to be included with her request. UNDERSTOOD?

Here we keep our response to that love problem

Write More Details

First, do not ever give your ears completely to a fortuneteller.

You should know your husband better than any person else. How many years were you married? Have you ever noticed or felt that he changed the way he treats you?

There are many things in your daily life that you can get through and notice any changes in your relations.

Why did you go to the fortuneteller?

Was it only the known females' chitchat and killing the time that brought you to the fortuneteller or something serious?

What has happened to make you talk to a fortuneteller?

Some answers could help enlighten this love problem, as I am not a fortuneteller to know the matter from just two lines.

Write more about it.

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