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Aug 20, 2011
Solve any Confusion!

Despite the advices given at the main page, I found some lines of your love-consulting request somewhat confusing.

Please read it again to see the confusion in some lines. I should stress again, we give priorities to well written requests. I re-edited some lines and left others as you wrote them.

Cultural backgrounds are not necessary to prevent love compatibility between people from different cultural heritages. Which makes love compatible is the way some people feel about each other in any love relation.

The sentimental feeling composes the beats of the hearts and then the nerves transmit the codes of actions to take place through polite touches by organs such as fingers and lips, as you have been touched by his kisses and the tones of his voice.

Your ears are clever (Well, we say that in our culture, anyway) and the hearing nerves transmit the sweetness of his tones well.

However, there is specific information missing here.

You said, I am not a woman who is into expensive stuff and then wrote at the end of your request, "Then he is cheap he brought me a coffee". I could not get it.

Are you married?

What do you really want him to do?

Have you ever discussed that with him?

What was his response?

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