I Want My ex Girlfriend Back!

by Justine
(Philippines, Baguio)

I Want My ex Girlfriend Back: Anthony Quinn knew that Keanu Reeves is generous when they had A Walk in the Clouds

I Want My ex Girlfriend Back: Anthony Quinn knew that Keanu Reeves is generous when they had A Walk in the Clouds

My name is Justin and I am a kind of a person who is in deep thought right now about his ex.

We have been only together for a month but we shared a lot of things together such as going out of the city to rest at a far place, do things together that she and her ex boyfriends never did. We never make out, though. We just kissed.

This break-up happened just a day after our first month's array celebration. All is actually well before that day but she suddenly greeted me one morning that she wants to break-up with me.

She only told me few reasons, why she wants to do that, but I cannot really say that there is a real reason among them. Miracle (that would be my girlfriend's name) told me that she does not deserve my love and care.

She said that she is having a hard time giving her share of love to me and that she does not deserve me. I do text her almost everyday then just to know if she is okay. However, I do think that gets her really irritated. I want her back.

I feel that she still loves me. I want to know what I should do to be able to get her back. Her birthday will be on July 28 and I am hoping to give her a nice gift. What should I give to show that I still love her and I want her back?

I greatly appreciate the help you would be giving me.


There are some reasons missing, if there is any reason at all. Ask her of why she thinks she doesn't deserve your love, when you give her the gift of love. Choose your gift from things she loves and design it including "Love Knows No Excuses", or something similar.

What about her other ex boyfriends? You haven't mentioned the required detailed information about her and her friends and the way she looks into things and other human relations and the common interests and cultures of both of you.

What are the reasons she has given to you? What's the goal of such relation? Is it just love to enjoy your time, or are you planning for marriage?

It is also hard to examine how this love is strong in a month period of relationship. This is why detailed information is necessary to look into every aspect of such love relation.

Get into the mode of providing good information including the mentioned points.

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