I Love Him, but We Always Fight!

by Seema
(Mumbai, India)

I Love Him, but We Always Fight: Chloe Carter

I Love Him, but We Always Fight: Chloe Carter

I am an 18-year-old girl. I met a person and I loved him. He loves me too. We have some fights going on, since the few last months. He always gets angry and ignores me. I do not even come to know why he is angry.

In the past, I made some mistakes because of this. He gets disturbed. However, it was solved. Now I want my boyfriend and me to live happy, but there is always some fights going on.

I feel like dying. I want my life to be happy with him. Can you please suggest some ways to solve the fight and live happily? I am in great tension. Please help me.


*** I have not any idea about your love problem in your telegraph. This is very short request and it does not helpful to know what the problem is. You have not given any reasons to the fights and when they happened and where.

*** Problems could exist anywhere, any time and even from simple misunderstanding. Even married people quarrel sometimes and overcome that. So, it is not just you and him. However, you have not mentioned the small details about the causes of these fights, as you called them.

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