Heart Patient!

by Heart Patient
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

Somebody wrote from Bangalore, Karnataka, India in one long paragraph the following about his love problem:

In late 2011 I talked to one of my female classmate on facebook. In class we don't used to talk but on facebook we became friends. She unfriended me on facebook and when I asked why she did that, she told me that she don't want others to know that I am her fb friend. We daily chated on facebook. I told that few guys have crush on you from class and she used to tell that she don't want to go with any of the boy in our class. We chated usually till 2 am in night and what we talk was what do you like and all. I used to compliment her eyes and she liked that. One day I told her that one of my friend was telling that you stare at me. She replied...yes..but you also stare at me. I said Ilove your eyes and she replied I know that you find my hands. eyes, face, mouth..everything cute :) . We never chated about studies...just what you like, how was your day, you are beutiful.... . after 5 months, a message came unknown that I should stop talking to her otherwise it will be bad for me. I ignored that. She was single and I am still sure of it. Our exams came and we chated little on phone but she got shy everytime she used to see me staring at her. Everyone of my friend told me that she loves me by her way of behaving around me. When exams were over I sent her a mesage. She didnt replied. I called her phone and she didnt talked properly. Then she replied to me.."our friendship is over byee". I asked why...she said just over. I started to cry on the road. On phone she told me to stop crying like kids... I told her what I feel about her and she deactivated her account. Our school was over and I was not having a chance to see her again. I talked to her later but she was running from me. Then one day she told me that her friends have asked her to leave me...she cried and cut the call. I loved her very much. I am not able to forget her..not because she didnt loved me...but because I was not able to get the chance to talk to her face to face. I tried many times but she didnt talked. This is the thing that is hurting me every second. What should I do to remove this dying inside feeling. I am not able to smile. She also promised me that she wont marry anyone and will my friend for lifetime..... I am just helpless.. Totally helpless.. Sometimes I feel like I might turn violent and go to her college and ask her the reason.
I have heard from many girls which were common friends that I am a fake person...liar...that hurts me ven more... I dindnt lied to her a word and i dont Know what she is talking about.
What to do to stop this dying inside feeling.

* First of all, you should follow the guidelines published on the main Love Consulting Services, including the page you used to submit this request. You should follow that to write good love consulting requests.

To write and submit good request, you should write your problem in short sentences and in short paragraphs to make the flow of your message good, so consultants and other readers could read it, understand it and help you overcome it.

It is because of all of this we have published the guidelines on many pages at Full Information, Online Love Consulting and Online Love Consulting Services. It is the only way to get the required love problem solution.

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Maria wrote in one long paragraph from Iran the following short letter about her problem:

I really donno how to start. it sounds strange. I feel I have been in love with a professor of mine. i had no feelings for him at first, but as time passed, i felt different. maybe I am wrong this is not love, but I keep seeing him in my dreams, and whenever i see him, i become happy. actually, he can change my mood. it is driving me crazy. i cannot control my feelings, but i wanna control them, cuz this relationship cant be. i am desecrate. when he comes to class, i get stressed, i even cant do normal. i wanna handle it. plz help me.

* Read the response above, as you also haven't paid attention to the guidelines to write good request. You should provide more details to help us see the problem better.

Is that your name? At this age, it is better for you to focus on your studies. Love will sooner, or later come in the right moment. It is a self-destructive way of thinking and feeling. You don't want to fail in your studies. So, don't think that way.

You also want to be happy. Happiness in your society could be in your values and cultural backgrounds from where you raise the levels of your morals. Have faith and confidence in yourself that you could manage your emotional desires.

So, tell yourself that you are too young for such experience. When such problem gets harder in some developed societies, people could seek help of special doctors. Get into that part of spiritual culture in your society and if you trust people treating psychological effects, or doing any meditation, seek their advices.

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