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Aug 18, 2014
The Magic of the Brown Sugar on Women!
by: Khalid

There are many stories I came through about The Classic Love, Boss Affairs, while carrying my job as a journalist in one of the states in the Middle East.

Af friend of mine was a very intelligent boy and very young that time. Despite that, he knows how to be optimistic all the time and everything between to building distinguished carisma, so he built himself some good formal measures of intelligence to achieve personal success and reach his own "planned" personal happiness.

He knew that even something as called personal happiness is subject to planning. He started a self improvement process by taking care of his shape and enjoying some aerobics classes to get into the shape of body he wants.

The shape of body requiters some sort of clothes to fit it and make it appear more attractive. So, he got it too choosing his fashion, perfume and other accessories from the well names the mode had that time including Pierre Cardn, Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel and other.

Was there anything left for him to get in the mode?

Well, after that he approached a well known journalist and got him amazed by the way he talks and his understanding to the business of getting clients and arranging meetings with other businessmen in that country. He became a secretary of the newspaper's owner.

He wanted more, when he became well known. So, he enjoyed training himself to skate on the ice in the newly opened skating hall that time. One of the great ladies in that society saw him skating. Attracted to him, as he's tall and brown skin color, she talked to him and then told him that she'd be pleased if he find a time to train her daughters how to skate.

He took the chance. One day, she told him that she wanted to appoint a new commercial manager in her company and she asked him if he was willing to change his career. That was the opportunity of his life. He took the job and appointed a very beautiful secretary.

The businesswoman became jealous. He came one day home (as we were living in a shared flat that time) parked his red Subaru and then called for me for a drive to tell me about the story and how he should react.

We talked about it for quite 2 hours at the beach, while enjoying some ice creams. I told him love affairs with his secretary would destroy his image. At the same time, a physical relation with the company's owner would endanger his life, so he should be careful and wise to convince the businesswoman such relation would destroy the company and her reputation, as nothing would continue to be a secret forever.

I worried about him when he disappeared for a while and began to ask about him everyone of his acquaints. They didn't know anything about him. One of them phoned me a couple of weeks after that and said that he received a call from America and guess what! The caller was my friend. There's a long a story here.

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