I Love My First Cousin!

by Ganesh Paul
(NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh, India)

I Love My First Cousin: Beyonce Fighting for her Love in the Movie Obsessed.

I Love My First Cousin: Beyonce Fighting for her Love in the Movie Obsessed.

Ganesh Paul have not followed the guidelines and wrote in brief from Uttar Pradesh, India requesting love consulting services the following:

"Hello sir, I am in great trouble. Actually i am in love with my first cousin. I already told my felling for her but she didn't replied. I told her that i love him when i was doing my graduation in the year 2011.

Few days back i meet her again and i expressed my felling for her. But she didn't replied me. Although she talk to me. I live very from from her home. I want to marry her. Please tell me should i talk to my for this or not."

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AJ wrote from Patna, Bihar, India in one long paragraph about the following Love Problem:

"I am a high school student, simple and obviously, not a stud. I like a girl who is pretty, rich. Sounds typical movie thing, isn't it? She wants a handsome, popular person. Maybe, rich also. She is good in studies, I am just average. I have talked to her online but she had no interests, or shamefully, irritated. I am not that good in looks, but better than average. We have less things in common, or maybe just school, which is also going to get separated in a year (maybe less). One thing has happened in this gloomy story: many people have told her about me, but still, I am not so popular or for any positive thing. I have my studies to be balanced, and I want her, dreadfully. But I am not that much a gone case like I don't talk to girls or anything, but everything is just so normal with me. Anything for my case?"

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Reena wrote from Ambala Cantt, Haryana, India in one long paragraph about her love problem the following:

"hiee I am Reena, I am in a relation with my boyfriend from 2 years. We love each other but his family is very rude and they fixed his marriage with a girl from his village. His family forced him to marry that girl and after this family torch he decided to go with his family. And now he is married to that girl but till now he loves me & we can't live without each other. And one more thing till now that girl doesn't live with my bf so they don't even have any physical contact.
So please suggest me how to solve this problem if we both are not ready for this new relation of his with that girl.
We are very depressed about this and don't know what to do with that girl or how to console my bf's family about this whole scene.
Plz god help me out…"

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