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Aug 18, 2014
It Is Good To Explain Some Points in Your Love Problem!
by: Admin

There are some questions here to explain the problem better, as I asked the first time I responded to your request.

I mentioned that there is something I didn't get it when you wrote, "Every time we quarreled, she will initiate break up. And every time I will give in to her, It had been too frequent that she mentioned break up over small issues." See the last sentence.

You also wrote, "anything can be solved as long as we did not cheat each other behind the back".

What makes you think about cheating?

You haven't mentioned that just from nothing. Do you feel that she cheats you?

And here is also another one, "I wan my relationship and marriage to last" which is some how contradicts with " We even planned to settle down in the near future" and the places in your request, where you wrote, "my girl friend".

Is she your girlfriend, or wife?

Have you investigated her bad temper and knew the reasons of such psychological behavior? What was the outcome of such investigation?

What are the reasons she has given to you? (In case you have asked her about her behaviors) You should have included all that valuable information in the form.

If you knew the reasons, you could dispose her intense temper, for example by the clam and rational way you deal with her and discuss important things with her. You know her and you know everything that makes her upset.

You know the things that please her and you have absolutely some common interests through which you have both got into this relation. So, use the values you already know to address her problem.

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