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Aug 24, 2011
Encourage Him to Spell His Love!
by: Anonymous

Girlfriends always chat about these things. Have you ever asked his sister about his real feelings whether they are brotherly or they are more than that?

His behaviours indicate love especially when he looks you deeply in the eyes. You are the only one to know what these behaviours mean to you. You are the only one to feel love when such things happen.

No one else could tell you what he feels, since feelings are only interpretable by two specific persons in specific situations.

However, if you love him, you can go further by asking your friend directly. You can indicate to her that you maybe feeling that special love for her brother and see her reaction. She may tell you about his feelings if they share such secrets together.

In some specific situations, brothers share that with their sisters without having to be afraid of their sisters taking chances on them, if they fall in love too.

I can interpret those behaviours as love. He is simply expressing his love by those behaviours. You can try to discover that directly while dealing with him. Be wise and attract him to express his feeling by spelling them out in one simple word.

If it happens, then such love would be honest and ends as supposed to be legitimately under one ceiling.

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Aug 30, 2011
Did You Feel the Touches?
by: Thamir

He could be treating you as a sister. Did you feel the touches? This is alone indicates what kinds of love he feels.

Go direct to the point, if you love him, at this point. Otherwise, take care. His sister propably knows much about his real feelings.

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Oct 27, 2014
Discover his Real Feelings!
by: Anonymous

Simply said, all of these gestures are signs of love. He doesn't love you as a sister.

How old are you? How old is your boyfriend?

Ask him about his girlfriend, for example saying to him that I heard that you have a girlfriend.

I think, he is a type of a shying guy. Encourage him to express himself well, if you are quite sure of your love. If it is just that you like him forget about it and treat him as a brother.

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