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Nov 28, 2014
The Most of All Things You Need Before Blogging!
by: Khalid

Although the "Top 7 Things Your Blog Needs To Have" are useful, but most of all and just before blogging you need to know some facts and get accurate answers to whether blogging is necessary, or not.

I don't think of blogging and thus building a blog is necessary at all, as this is not a manual process. It is an automated process and thus you don't even need to blog it by yourself.

Let your website building and optimizing tools do the blogging for you every time you build a new page and every time your friends and other visitors write commentaries, as explained at the Ezine Acts Comment C2 Entries.

So, this means that instead of blogging and wasting time of blogging start building original theme focused content website based on a topic you love, or know great information about and let blogging to your website system.

The question is not about how to blog. It is about how to build. The blogging part would actually be the technical process your website system should execute after building.

First think of what to build and search to know if makes interests and values for the end user. You can't build anything until you know some factors that make building simple, useful and has demands.

To do this, get to know your own interests. Think of 3, or 5 of them. Get few terms that summarize each in few words that make search terms. The search terms are keywords. Examples: beach parties, musical nota lessons, delicious pasta dishes.

This is the way to write the terms of the things that interest you according to your hobby, or knowledge about the topic, or passion, or even farther professional and personal experiences with the given topic.

The first step is to arrange 3, 5 questions about the topic with open suggestions to get the values of each through the Choose It tool. Study the values carefully to choose the best of the terms based on high values.

This would present a rich environment about the subject to build. But, you need to search it farther to maintain it by getting the data you need to build upon that subject. The data would include more information about the subject to choose the approach right.

This is vital to know the richness of your terms, so you could pick up the most richer terms and write good article about each of the terms on every page on your website.

But, article writing for the web has its specific techniques provided through the CTPM Process to build your subject a theme focused website. The theme focused website is a narrow niche. But, your terms could also make some good narrow niches connected with each other. This is another value.

The things that interest you are many, so the focusing process explained above is very necessary to narrow down those things to few that make the core of your knowledge and the interests of other people at the same time. The demand is of course very important to build your niche on things that interest good numbers of internet users.

When you focus on the niches, you make it rich with its in demand information. The information publishing articles on your theme focused website attract free traffic to it and make monetizing the informational pages easier.

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