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Through years of experiences with Squidoo, I know Squids make money to some lensmasters through building squids or cells of well-tiered pages.

I CAN help you make money with it. Consult me here through the following form. Please take it seriously. You aren't going to lose anything!

So, if you want to get directly and make a lens, start typing one or combined keywords here (examples: profitable-hobbies, my-favorite-sport, how-to-play-tens, cinema-stars, madame-opera-winfrey, i-love-opera).

To continue reading scroll down the form and fill it when you finish reading. I am obliged to help you all the way to achieve momentum success.

YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE: please think very well before filling the fields in the form under your country as they are intended to let me know all these important details about what you already know about to help you get it right away and right there to profit from it.

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Squidoo is simply a community network based in Irvington, N.Y. It consists of full website automated techniques and high tech modules people use to construct WebPages. We call those people who are using this platform to profit from it Lens Masters, like this one.

A lens is a web page about a specific topic like the following: Make Camera's Money, Make Video's Money, Romantic Pomes, Free Website Traffic, Art of Shooting Pictures, Sudanese Music, Political Refugees, Romantic Hugs, Internet Security News, Wolfenstein 3D, Window Washing Services, French Painters, Danish Painters, Used Cars, Carpet Cleaning Services etc ...

How to You Use Squidoo?

Get to my Squidoo Platform here. Keep this page open to follow instructions to build your first lens / web page. It is totally free as it is said before. On the first page, type in a specific topic about that would be your first lens, for example, Make Cameras Money.

You can choose the complete phrase as your lens extension file, sub domain like this make-cameras-money, or type it without dashes. Your lens web address will appear just like this link http://www.squidoo.com/make-cameras-money.

On other filters on that page, you will get Make Camera's Money as your primary keyword. Type some other relevant keywords in the empty filters and continue to create the web space for your coming lens.

You will get to that space and you will see some modules already provided there. You will use those modules to write your content, monetize your content and even bring other networks and websites you have to strengthen your lens.

If you cannot find a specific topic to write about it, use your name. Could you speak about yourself or about things that have meaning in your life, or things that make you happy? All these ideas could help you create websites free and make money from them too.

Good ideas some lens masters has implemented are to use their names to create another lenses. They create those lenses either to explain their experiences with Squidoo or on the Web. This gives people not only exposure but also it makes them trustworthy as experts in their fields.

When you built your first lens using Squidoo lens building tools, keep it updated frequently to ensure that it grows with fresh content always. The different modules there give you chances for frequent updates, so it is good strategy not to use them all and finish in a short term.

One of the best techniques in this platform is that they have fan clubs. Lens Masters will drop by to be your fans. You can do the same and join many fan clubs.

Free exposure brings you to the top. Fellows in this platform have chances to rate your lens, favourite it, share it with many social bookmarks, comment on it and even add content to it, to make building fresh content easy for you.

You could benefit from tons of good staff other lens masters have written especially in the tutorials and guidelines to build continuously good lenses and monetize them using the monetizing modules of Squidoo or your own monetizing programs.

Well, the lens building ideas will keep flowing as the lens building process and Squidoo itself are addictive. The most important thing in this platform is that it is always fresh and there are always fresh ideas.

I, as I have mentioned will help you to get more insights, more monetizing programs and more ideas to make your lens great.

There are two more services that you can use to build successful web businesses, in case that you were not interested in this platform.

The website building tools here below help you build websites based on any language. You can BUILD ARABIC WEBSITES here easily, without even having to wory about how to build it. The tools lead you to build the website.

The following website building and optimizing tools empower this Squidoo page. You can use them to make more profits from your web business.

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