Liberalism and the Political Misuse of the Concept!

Liberty Could Sometimes Change to Dictatorship and Imperialism!

What should poor people do when liberalism gets hard or perhaps change into imperialism?

How moderate discussions of such political concept could improve human situations in some countries?

Political beliefs, and liberalism is among them only prove that the political concepts they believe in are right when they really implement them correctly for the welfare, well-being and happiness of humans.

As a political term and political ideology created in western Europe, it reflects a belief in gradual reform in moral, political and religious matters and tolerance too. Towards the political standard, the term stands as antonym to dictatorship, so it rejects authoritarian systems and defend the freedom of association, gathering, religion, speech and the rights to property ownership.

The equality and liberty the term includes are fine as principles. But, the application of the term could lead to controversial issues that destroy the right interpretation to the political ideology and philosophy the term includes, as we see in many different proofs inside some states and in the intervention of worldwide leading political systems in the third world.

When the liberal term is misused by some leaders of the leading political powers in any liberal country, then the goal of liberalism are absolutely missed by those leaders and the population in that country will face hard situations to coup with.

In this case liberalism doesn't work for the welfare, well-being and happiness of humans. It instead destroys the integrity of the country and the productivity of the population to lead the economical power of the country and thus liberalism turns into capitalism.

It creates economical crass at the economical standard of the state that requires rescission and that is what is happening on many countries worldwide after the economical crises. The causes maybe in the political term that led to the crises and it is definitely the outcome of the policies liberal governments implement at home and worldwide.

In the recent political scene a liberal government could seek possibilities to address the economical crises by finding solutions through invading other states in the third world.

This has happened before in history, when the European powers colonized many countries in Africa and the Middle East to get the raw materials to their fabrics, which war dead at that time and to find strategic locations to help raising their fallen economies.

What we see through this picture is that liberalism leads to a neocolonialism and imperialism.

In western Europe and especially in the Scandinavian countries, it is not the right political approach to develop these countries more and to work for the welfare and well-being of Scandinavians.

As long as those societies depend of their welfare systems, the right policies for those states is socialism to move forward with the positive participation of the people in their economies, using the same welfare as incentives to increase the productivity of the population.

However, the liberalism led by the liberal parties proofs to some levels a misconception and therefore, the leading figures in many governments concentrate on building economical wealth to themselves and their allies, a policy which produces a big gap between the social classes in those European states.

Unfortunately, liberalism believers among the population still hope that liberalism is the solution. It is not. The political practices before the economical crises and after it prove that liberalism doesn't stand to the welfare and well-being of the people and it creates gaps making the rich people richer and the poor people poorer.

What should poor people do when liberalism gets harder or perhaps changes into imperialism, or less than that ends into mechanical majority dictatorship like what happens in some European countries?

How moderate discussions of such political concepts could improve human situations in some countries?

Well, let's discuss liberalism in the Horn of Africa and watch the conducts of liberalism in some movies at

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